Top Reasons as to why Data Science is New Driving Force for Industries

With the advent of modernization where machines latest tools and technologies are making attempts to transform the human being into digitalization and futuristic ready, the industries are not left behind. Data science in today’s world has become the essential and most important tool in handling the challenges faced by the industries. Data science has not been confined in solving problems and maximizing the industrial growth but has entered into every field a person can think of coming up with unique and optimum solutions for problems. Right from curing of hazardous disease likes cancer, solving global warming to some extent job, finding out the natural resources from inside the earth’s surface and many more areas. This is just the beginning where data sciences have shown remarkable results. The accumulation of data around us all over is enormous and sky scaping and the same is the scope of data science analyst, data scientist. Data science training in Chandigarh learning of complete concepts and advanced tools in data science will help to successfully launch your career in becoming a data scientist/data science analyst at the later stage in your career.

Industries where Data Science is creating its landmarks


Data Science is powering medical science to a great extent towards the improvement of one’s health at the highest level. The patient’s data covering his/her lifestyles, habits, preference, etc not only helps in providing treatment but also acts as a crucial basis for many kinds of researches. The new technology fitness devices are making the users much aware of their own health and providing them real-time insights into their body (pulse rate, heartbeat rate, calories burned etc). taking data science to the next generation level, various wearable devices are very helpful in monitoring one’s complete body system and sending signals in case of the slightest hint of any disorder.


Data science has become the top leader leaving behind the various pioneers like Google automatic search prediction, Facebook’s, Newsfeed, Amazon’s suggested products have all shown declining trend after the onset and emergence of data science. Internet, today is the biggest platform for billions of users across the globe leaving sets of large and huge data footprints which can be ordered to make it more effective.

Face and Speech recognition

With the machine learning algorithms the tools have become so efficient and effective that even the mobile phones are coming in the market with a failsafe face unlocking system and so as the various security system devices around us everywhere replacing the earlier mode of speech and face recognition techniques.


Data science has been very helpful in various logistics operations. The airline industry can forecast weather predict delays, rescheduled flights, etc provide accurate information to the masses. The logistics companies mainly DHL and Fed Ex use data science for better operational efficiency and delivering the goods with the lowest possible expenditure. All this is possible with the help of data science.

Self-driven cars

The future of automatic cars is helpful is processing a large amount of data. In fact, self-driven cars generate 1GB data every second and with machine learning algorithms, this data is helpful in a safe drive.

Jobs of Data Scientist in Industries

As we have observed that almost all the industries use data science in one way or another. This field is altogether a new profession with ample growth opportunities and everlasting possibilities. A lot of companies and industries are on the outlook of expert Data Analyst/Data Scientist with a handsome package offer but many candidates are not aware of this field and the growth opportunities associated with this field. For a fresher, to start up his career, this field offers great and endless job opportunities.

Data Science Training

In order to study Data science, one must have knowledge about the concepts and basics of

  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Knowledge of programming language like Python, R-Language, SQL.
  • Knowhow of various computing tools like Spark, Hadoop, Minitab, etc.

Data Science certification in Chandigarh provides detailed knowledge of all the topics given above. The certification course will make you professional and well versed with the complete in-depth knowhow of languages and various tools and with this knowledge and skills acquired one can give great horizons to one’s career growth.

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