The Loon

Today we discuss about the “LOON Project”, this project is fully based on the networking technology. The “LOON” project is helpful to give them the internet access in all those area and place which are never used our Internet and its services. A balloon which are designed to deliver the network connection to the people in those area which are not taken the internet service advantage. Their range is 80-70 km per area.
The mobile Internet service providers or operators are expanding their LTE network service with the help of LOON Partners. They expand their network coverage area to Lack places and they give the expedient network coverage after the disasters.
The LOON giving the connectivity from air balloons those are flying 20 km up in the sky poses. Loon has taken the foremost essential parts of a cell tower and redesigned them to be lightweight and sturdy enough to be carried by a balloon twenty kilometres up, on the sting of environment. Loon balloons area unit designed and made to endure the cruel conditions within the layer, wherever winds will fade a hundred km/hr, and temperatures will drop as low as -90° C.
This balloon is made from the polyethylene sheets. The size of the balloon is equal to the tennis court- sized, and they fly in the sky up to 100 days and then landing back on Earth.

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