• Structure Engineering is a filed of Engg. dealing with the analysis & design of structures that supports or resists loads. Structure engineering is usually considered a specialty within Civil Engineering.

    Structure: A structure can be defined as an assembly of inter-related parts forming a more complex, unified whole & serving a common purpose.

    Testing & Analysis of RCC (Frame models): The basis of some important parameters like Grade of corrects to be used & Grade of Steel. Also we can apply the different types of loads on the structure to check strength & stability of building frame.

  • building-testing

We can also check the stability and strength of water tank (Elevated), Bridge deck, slabs, beams, column staircase etc.

In testing & analysis we can also get the result of Shear bending & deflection.

It also gives us in the drawings of each member of the buildings. We can also analyze the steel structures as well.

  • building-testing-analysis
  • Main activities

      • Design and analysis of building structures against earthquake.
      • Investigation of building structure and materials used in structure
      • Performance evaluation of building structure