Network Designing & Configuration

Infowiz provides fully-customizable expert engineering and testing services to customers in reaching their new product development and enhancement goals. With a team of engineering experts, Infowizoffers solutions tailor-made for your needs to speed up innovation and development, optimize your time, level your workload and reduce total cost.

Our Network Expert team understand the nature of business and accordingly custom design the Networks, feasibility studies are made to determine the most viable design concepts, suggest the best vendor based on features required and engineers perform load calculations to deliver a design solution that meets the client specifications Deliverables include complete Network design and product models based on features, administration tasks, security and other aspects. Benefits include optimized time and performance; customized, reliable Network design; reduced cost by managing risks involved in idea conception.

Web Application Testing

Infowizprovides a range of testing services on web application & websites with the support of our deep web application expertise. Here are the services that we provide from our expert team delivers to the clients.

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • UI/Beauty Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Multi Language Support Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • W3C Compliance Testing
  • Regression Testing (Automation support)
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Beta Testing

It is always a good practice to prepare an effective bug report. Fixing a bug depends on how effectively you prepare your bug report. At Infowizwe provide daily test report for our client which will help them to stay updated about the project progress.

Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing

Attackers are constantly attempting to break inside your network. These attackers are financially motivated, well equipped and highly sophisticated. Your competition could be these attacks, aiming to get your trade secrets. Cyber criminals could be behind these attacks, looking to compromise your customer’s personal and financial information.

The Traditional Penetration Testing assignments just scan for the obvious attack vectors. Scanning the network range for open ports, enumerating the services, checking for vulnerabilities, testing firewall configurations, testing IDS/IPS are at core of these assignments. Even worse, when these scans are done by completely automated tools, the actual loopholes do not stand out. These types of Penetration Tests, at best, only prevent the mass-attackers, who are using automated tools to scan the range of IP’s world-wide, and attacking vulnerable hosts. Trusting the Traditional Penetration Tests to prevent your business from targeted attacks is the biggest mistake you will ever do.

Our penetration Testing Methodology:

Every Penetration Test is carried out like a real-world attack. The attackers don’t stop themselves from exploiting the end-users, why should we? The attackers leverage a simple XSS to serve malware to unsuspecting victims, so would we. Comprehensively, the following are a few attacks that will be tested on your network.

  • External Network Scanning
  • Phishing
  • Client Side Exploits
  • Dropping undetectable backdoors
  • Leveraging XSS
  • Leveraging SQLi
  • Social Network Exploitation
  • Network Pivoting Scope
  • Zero-day Attacks
  • Physical Security Checks
  • Impersonation

.. and more attack vectors, to assess the security of your critical data.

Our Penetration testing Team, will use comprehensive penetration testing methodology and ensure to perform these attacks with utmost sophistication, to ensure no loophole is left behind and generate a detailed report of the vulnerabilities and help you patch those vulnerabilities to protect you from advanced attacks.

Firewall, IPS & UTM

Network security technologies protect your network against the theft and misuse of confidential business information and guards against malicious attacks from Internet-borne viruses, worms or hacker attacks. Without network security in place, your company risks unauthorized intrusions, network downtime, service disruption, regulatory noncompliance and even legal action.

Network security does not rely on one method, but uses a set of barriers that defend your business in different ways. Even if one solution fails, others still stand, guarding your company and its data from a wide variety of network attacks. A strong security stance assures customers that sensitive information and confidential business details, will not be accessed and exploited.

An effective network security perimeter can boost productivity across your organization. Employees spend less time on non-productive tasks such as sifting through spam or dealing with viruses.

Keeping in mind the needs for today’s business with the right security technologies, we choose best of the security devices and technologies available through different vendors and then custom design the security perimeter of your organization. We bundle up devices like Firewall and IPS or UTM, that will enhance the security of your data and network even from the most advanced and sophisticated attacks from hackers and intruders, both internally and externally.

VPN Services

As the businesses are expanding their reach worldwide, the need for the corporate internet security has also been increasing. We are seeing more businesses with workforce as diverse and as dispersed as it can be. Especially, internet based businesses have workforce in different countries with no central offices or places whatsoever. These businesses have a ever growing need of security, while they remotely access servers or information that is critical to the survival or security of the business. Obviously, no business would want to share the access of these files with competitors or hackers, who can use that information to almost destroy the company.

This entire scenario presents a need for a Corporate VPN Service, that is not only reliable in terms of security and support but is also dependable. In addition to this, there are many other reason to using a corporate VPN service, these reasons include,

Companies that want to restrict the access of their employees to certain sites in remote locations, due to policy or security measures.

  • Companies that does not want to reveal the real locations of their employees.
  • Companies that want to secure their database, while their employees access it remotely.
  • Companies that want to secure their internal network from intruders and hackers.
  • Companies, which have employees in countries with Internet Firewalls like China, UAE and Iran and want to provide uncensored access of internet to their employees.
  • Companies that have branch offices in different parts of world or countries and want to secure their entire network and flow of information.

There are various factors that you should consider while choosing a Corporate VPN Service. First and foremost factor is choosing a VPN Service that provides you with ultimate Support. Customer Support is the utmost factor, your VPN Service provider should always be at your disposal with all the technical knowledge of the networks and VPN and in addition, network reliability and ownership is also a key factor, keeping reliability and support at priority.