Some Useful Tips for a Promising Career in the Indian IT Industry

Indian IT companies have set up over 2,000 global delivery centers in about 80 countries across the world. Today one can witness a boom in cities like Pune, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mysore, kochi, Vishakhapatnam and Ahmedabad.

This growth has also spawn the need for hiring more and more IT resources to sustain and drive the growth rate further. Hence, a need to hire skilled professionals has emerged among all streams of the IT sector such as: IT education & training, Computer programming, Software development, Software Engineering, Database Administrator, Network Systems & Data Communication Analysts, Technical writing, Content Development, Technical support, Hardware Design, System Administration, Web development, Quality Assurance, Call center support, Internet/Intranet development, E-commerce, Help desk/end user support.

The present situation is very meaty for any IT professional, as there are openings generating for all be it a fresher, project manager or team leader, hence, giving a job seeker several career options. But at the same time with so many IT courses available and lakhs of IT graduates entering the job market every year, competition is also getting fierce. So, for you to beat the competition and stay ahead of the crowd here are some tips from the team of, India’s number 1 job site.

1. Understand your skill set –

Analyze what combination of skills and qualifications you have and then make a list of companies that would want to hire resources having a skill set similar to yours. This way you are streamlining your job hunt instead of blindly applying to all IT companies which could be completely different from your profile.

2. What benefit do you offer? –

A company is more interested to know the benefits it can reap from a candidate’s skills. The skills mentioned in your resume should sound beneficial to the recruiter efficiency & productivity wise.

3. Put keywords in your resume –

These days recruiters search for resumes mostly on job sites. So your resume should include terms or keywords that a recruiter would use while searching for an IT candidate. For example, JAVA, .Net, C++, MIS, SQL, MCA, B tech. and so on. This will make your resume searchable i.e., whenever a recruiter searches for these keywords, your resume gets displayed in the search results.

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