Soildworks is a solid modelling computer aided design & computer aided engineering computer program that’s run on Microsoft window. Solidworks published by Dassault System. According to the publisher TWO MILLION engineers & more than 165000 companies were using solidworks
ModelingTechnology:-solidworks is a solid modeler and utilizes a parametric feature based which was initially developed by PTC to create models and assemblies.
Parameters refer to constraints whose values determine the shape or geometry of the model & assembly. Parameters can be either numeric as line length or circle diameters such as parallel, concentric, horizontal or vertical etc.
Numeric parameters can be associated with each other for the use of relations which allows them capture design intent. For example you want the hole at top of a beverage can to stay at the top of surface, does not matter what height they latter assign . the shape based features with a 2D & 3D sketch and shapes such as bosses, holes, slots etc. this shaper extruded or cut to add or remove material from the part. Operation based features are not sketch based, and include feature such as fillets, chamfers, shells, applying draft to faces of a part.

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