For decades, the fundamental principles governing however the web works have remained just about unchanged. However with huge growth on the horizon — because of everything from AI to block chain, and from the 5G rollout to the ever-present web of Things — the number of knowledge we tend to manufacture may eventually surpass physical storage capability.
the solution? Look to space. That’s the bet firms like Amazon, Facebook, OneWeb, and alternative square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} darlings are wagering on. Elon Musk, business executive of SpaceX, is progressing to carpet low-earth orbit with thousands of satellites that may bring low-latency web to all or any corners of the world. Amazon is looking on an identical supposed mega-constellation value billions, whereas Facebook created PointView School, a subsidiary to develop their uncommunicative Greek deity broadband satellite that was granted independent agency approval to start experimental trials.
If we would like to make factories on the Moon or cities on Mars — or simply continue with current knowledge growth trends — we’ll want a strong net in house, these corporations predict. And whereas networking operates terribly otherwise in zero gravity, the protocols it uses may truly be applied to terrestrial Wi-Fi moreover. This dependent relationship might not solely fix our issue with an awesome quantity of knowledge, it may reshape the web itself.

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