There are many programming languages, but the most popular and in trend language is python. What makes python the most popular and used programming language is that it is a general-purpose programming language. This means, unlike other languages which can be used just for Web Development, Python is one language that can be used for other types of programming and Software Development besides Web Development. That includes Backend Development, Software Development, Data Science, and Writing System Scripts, among other things. If we go by definition, python is an interpreted high-level, general-purpose programming language. This language has gained popularity because it has an Object-Oriented approach that helps programmers write concise codes with faster readability for creating dynamic scripts for small or large-scale projects.
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Now that you know what python is, the next question that arises in our minds is what do we use this language for? What are its applications? Let us try to answer your query; python being a general-purpose programming language, is used for multiple operations:
  1. General web development/web applications: While everything is going online, you need a language that helps you design websites easily and quickly without much effort. Here’s when you need to learn python, it is the easiest general-purpose programming language. You can design websites, make apps in this language. A common backend logic goes into making these websites with frameworks and many libraries that can help you integrate protocols such as HTML, FTP, etc.
  2. Make games using python: Who doesn’t love to play games? Imagine you can even design one. Using python, you can design your own games, which isn’t that interesting. You can make dynamic and interactive online gaming applications using python. There are libraries such as PySoy, a 3D game engine supporting Python 3, Pygame, which provides functionality, and a library for game development.
  3. Machine learning and artificial intelligence: Two of the most prominent things these days are machine learning and artificial intelligence. You get assured careers in these two. If you are a programmer, you will surely encounter these two things. Computers and digital devices have AI, which learns from errors. Now we have algorithms and python libraries to resolve issues coming into the system. Python helps you develop a program and enhance machine learning so that it can resolve issues.  
  4. Startups and business applications: Many big and small business houses, organizations, and institutes want applications for themselves. Now, these applications need to be simple while being presentable. Also, we require websites and applications that are user-friendly. With its easily comprehendible codes and dynamic features, python is the best possible option for this purpose. With the help of python’s tryton library, you can easily make these applications.
  5. Data science and data visualization: Data is something you can’t compromise on. Now extracting information from data could be cumbersome, but python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy help you do that. Python and its libraries help you design and define websites and other applications. Due to its enormous applications, it’s the most popular language these days.



Knowing the efficiency and popularity of python, you must have understood how beneficial this language is. Let us explain to you further. When you get trained in python language, you are introduced to many aspects of web designing and development. This is an easy-to-learn language. It has a straightforward syntax and coding. With python’s easy-to-understand codes and libraries, it’s easy to develop apps and websites in just no time. It provides extensive data visualization support with its libraries like  Plotly, ggplot, etc. Python has plenty of open-source libraries that extend the core language’s functionality. Getting trained in python opens up various doors of career for you. Many leading companies are using python language these days, such as the bank of America, Quartz, etc.



Learning Python opens a broad gateway of careers for you, some of which are introduced below: Python Developer: While everything is going online, everyone needs a web developer, most prominently a python developer due to its easy comprehension and dynamics. The gross salary of a python developer with average knowledge/fresher is INR 5,00,000 per annum. Companies offer you high-end packages ranging in Lakhs and more for your web development skills. Data Analyst: These days companies require your data analysts to analyze and find meaning in their data. These companies look for efficient python language skills, as python offers libraries such as panda, sciPy, etc., which help accomplish this task more easily and efficiently.  Product Manager: For any company to progress and grow, it requires advancement in its products and services. For this purpose, all the product data needs to be analyzed, studied, and proper review should be given on what should be enhanced in the products and services. A person who knows python can analyze any amount of data efficiently and effectively, and companies hire python developers as product managers. Machine Learning Engineer: A machine learning engineer builds and trains machines, programs, and other computer-based systems to apply their learned knowledge for making predictions. Python’s ability to work with data automation and algorithms makes it the ideal programming language used in machine learning. Hence programmers who know python are preferred for these posts. Python language provides you the skills and assets to work in any field of your choice. The number of vacancies for programmers knowing python has increased tremendously. You get packages worth Lakhs of rupees for your work. We have tried explaining to you what python is and how as a programmer, you need to learn python.

Features Of Python

  • Simple
  • Easy to Learn
  • Free and Open Source
  • High-level Language
  • Portable
  • Interpreted
  • Object-Oriented
  • Extensible
  • Embeddable
  • Extensive Libraries

Python Syllabus

  • Understand Python Data Types
  • Correctly Execute Arithmetic Operations in Python
  • Correctly use Python Code Commenting
  • Be able to Code the Different Types of Conditional Statements available in Python
  • Understanding and Code Loop Structures Available in Python
  • Understand and Use Python’s Predefined String Functions
  • Create and Execute Custom Functions
  • Understand Classes and Objects
  • Create, Sort and Modify Python Lists
  • Work with User Input
  • Use Python File Handling
  • Work with External SQL Databases
  • Work with Python Modules
  • Execute Python Debugging Strategies
  • Project: You will apply all the acquired knowledge for one case study.

Eligibility For Python Course

Students and working professionals who love programming and have good knowledge on C programming can apply for this course. / BCA / MCA students who are looking for summer training and winter training can also opt for this course. the best company for python training in Chandigarh It is highly recommended for students who want to develop their career as an Application Penetration Tester should go for this course.


Why Choose Infowiz for Python Training in Chandigarh

Infowiz provides you the ideal platform for your skill development in python language and becoming an Expert. Our organization ensures that one is thorough with the concepts and advanced tools with both the theory and practical sessions to get real-time exposure on python language. Our course content is crafted by the experts from the Corporate Arena which is as per the standards and current industry requirements. Best Company for Python Training Company in Chandigarh i.e. INFOWIZ where we impart the essential skills which help you to be one step ahead in the Python field as compared to other institutes. Our experienced Python developers have enriched experience of 17+ years and are having expertise in the Python domain and provide training on real-time projects.


  • Why do we need Python?
  • Program Structure
  • Execution Steps
  • Interactive Shell
  • Executable or Script Files
  • User Interface or IDE

Memory Management and Garbage Collections

  • Object creation and deletion
  • Object properties
  • Data Types and Operations
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Other Core Types

Statements and Syntax

  • Assignments, Expressions and Prints
  • If tests and Syntax Rules
  • While and For Loops
  • Iterations and Comprehensions

Exception Handling

  • Default Exception Handler
  • Catching Exceptions
  • Raise an Exception
  • User Defined Exception

File Operations

  • Opening a File
  • Using Files
  • Other File Tools


  • Function Definition and Call
  • Function Scope
  • Arguments
  • Function Objects
  • Anonymous Functions

Modules and Packages

  • Module Creations and Usage
  • Module Search Path
  • Module Vs. Script
  • Package Creation and Importing


  • Classes and Instances
  • Classes Method Calls
  • Inheritance and Compositions
  • Static and Class Methods
  • Bound and Unbound Methods
  • Operator Overloading
  • Polymorphism

Advanced Concepts

  • Defining Panda
  • Pandas – Creating and Manipulating Data
  • How to Create Data Frames?
  • Importance of Grouping and Sorting
  • Plotting Data


  • Django Overview
  • Creating a Project
  • Apps Life Cycle
  • Admin Interface
  • Creating Views
  • URL Mapping
  • Template System
  • Models
  • Form Details
  • Testing
  • Page Redirection
  • Sending Emails
  • Deploying Django Framework
  • Generic Views
  • Form Processing
  • File Uploading
  • Cookie Handling
  • Sessions, Caching and Comments

Future Scope of PYTHON

With a wide range of programming languages available, Python has quite outraced the different languages. Career possibilities related with Python have additionally grown substantially as its reputation has expanded through 40%. Numerous IT organizations are searching for extra candidates with experience and abilities in Python programming languages. This has shown the better profession scope for the Python Programmers in the close to future. Python Developers would be the most demandable later on for IT businesses which makes Python future more splendid.

PYTHON Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom
This is an approximate course duration for PYTHON. Please contact our team for the current PYTHON course fee and duration. CONTACT US

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