Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Google that provides Developers with the tools required to build applications for the
Android OS platform.

When we create a new project in android studio, first of all we have to assign name to our project and then we have to select empty activity. Whenever a new
project is created, it provides us 2 activities,

  1. Xml Activity in which the design or GUI(Graphical User Interface) of our project is created.
  2. The main activity which is our java class where we write all our codes.

Each project in Android Studio contains some modules which further contains the source code and resource files. These modules are as follows:

  • Android app Modules
  • Library Modules
  • Google App Engine Modules

All the build files are under the Gradle Scripts and each module of an android app contains:

  • MANIFESTS: It contains AndroidManifest.xml file. Similar to the manifesto of a political party, the manifest files contains the details about our
    i.e. sequence of the activities designed, Are we using broadcast receiver or not ? and the permission we want to give to our project must be given in the
    manifest file.
  • JAVA: It includes all the source code and java files. We can create different packages and store different java files in it according to the requirement of our
  • RES: It contains all the xml or layout files in which we provide design to our project. Also it includes all the bitmap images and UI strings.
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