Weight in Kg = Diameter2 * L*0.006162
Example:-Dia of steel is = 60mm
Length is   = 200mm
Then weight is = 602 * 200*0.006162
= 3600*200*0.006162
= 4.43 kg
If we multiply with rate Per Kg then the cost of raw material can be calculated.

2. Objective of Production Planning Control

The main objective of PPC is to contribute to profit making running manufacturing unit:-

  • To keep the customer satisfaction
  • Meeting the delivery schedule
  • Optimum use of resources
  • To ensure the optimum utilization of material
  • To ensure optimum utilization on plant and machinery
  • The effective use of man power

In other word how three M’s are effectively used in Industry/Factory

  • Actual performance is measured against planned performance

Let us closely examine each function


3.  Process Planning (Routing)

When each operation on a component, part sub assembly is to be performed result in a route for movement of manufacturing lot

4. Loading

Once our route is decided the work which has to be performed on that particular machine is loaded. The total time is calculated on the basis of time planned and actual utilization on the machine is calculated.

5. Scheduling

It is measured when an operation is performed and when work is to be completed. This is manual and online process planning loading for the plant are done central office.

6. Dispatching

Authorizing the start of an operation on the shop floor in the function of dispatching

7. Reporting or Follow-up

The department function is said to be “in control” when the actual performance is within the objectives of the planned performance. When the jobs are started and completed on schedule. It can be only achieved when careful planning is done.

8. Corrective action

Any planned activity which is not performed on schedule, a corrective action is taken:-

  • where is failure
  • either with planning
  • or with the machine
  • or with the man power etc.

9. Market Forecast

Production planning and control is that it will indicate future trends is demand for manufacturing product.

  • Whether demand is there
  • Whether supply is adequate or inadequate

10.  CPM (For Critical Path Method)


P= Program

E= evaluation

R= Review

T= Technique

11.  Measurement of effectiveness

By following the production Planning control system is judged

1. Inventory turn over

2. Delivery lead time

3. present of time meeting delivery promise

4. Present of orders requiring “Splits” because unavailable material

5. Average unit cost