Power analogy is the most popular and commonly used analogy. The electric current is analogous to the start of a flow of water, the potential difference is analogous to pressure across the pipe and electric charge analogous the total water quantity. In power analogy, the mathematical equations are related and compared with the equations in the electric system. It consists of a Resistor, Capacitor, Current source. The process involved in power analogy in invisible as the occurrence is at the atomic level as electricity cannot be felt directly however the effect can be seen. For an in-depth study of power or electric analogy, one should have the detailed knowledge about Voltage, Current and Resistance. In a layman language, power analogy is study of various electric and electronic circuits used in Electrical Energy. The power analogy provides best and optimum solutions for Power Conservation application in numerous field like Telecommunication, Medical, Computing, Industry, High and Consumer markets and many more which provides for higher efficiency with the Greater Accuracy and to suit every Organizational needs. The power Analogy provides the complete solutions to the challenge of toughest designs. With the help of this analogy, new design techniques that are suitable for low Voltage circuits are presented where the focus is on the best, efficient and ideal suitable product manufacturing for all the Organization needs.


POWER AND ANALOG Industrial Training – Course Content

  • Power System Design
  • Different types of SMPS controller IC
  • Basic Features Required in Power Supply
  • Introduction to Different SMPS topologies
  • Introduction to different types of Power supplies
  • Designing of SMPS topologies (Buck convertor, Boost converter)
  • Selection of different components of Power supply according to load
  • Designing of regulated linear power supplies using fixed and adjustable regulators
  • Introduction to Switch mode power supply and Benefits of SMPS over linear Power supply

Future Scope of POWER ANALOG

Without analog techniques, procedures and subsystems current digital structures would lack an ability of power, enter and output. Analog’s future is vivid – greater so now than ever. Like the imaginative and prescient of a world stuffed solely with virtual stores, a prediction of the death of analog science may additionally have been premature. Modern electronics technological know-how will play an ever increasing position in the pleasant and range of our lives. The function of analog semiconductors and structures will solely amplify as we emerge as extra non-public with our technology.

POWER ANALOG Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom
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