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Node JS is an open source JavaScript runtime environment that executes the JavaScript code server-side. JavaScript was utilized for customer-side scripting in which contents written in JavaScript were appended to a page’s HTML and run client-side by a JavaScript engine within the user’s applications program. Node JS empowers engineers to utilize JavaScript for server-side scripting which means sending running contents server-side to produce dynamic site page content the page is sent to the user’s web browser. Training in Node JS would empower you to get employments in this ever-changing IT Industry. There is an appeal for Node JS as per the present market requirements. INFOWIZ Industry gives the Best Node JS Training Company in Chandigarh as per the present business standards. Our Node JS training program will empower experts to secure placements in MNCs. INFOWIZ is one of the most prescribed Node JS Training Institute in Chandigarh that offers hands-on practical knowledge/practical implementation on live projects and will ensure the job with the help of advanced level Node JS Training Courses.

Best 6 Months/ 6 Weeks Node JS Industrial Training Company in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

At INFOWIZ, we offer 6 months Node.js training in Chandigarh that clears your doubts and you’ll understand Node.js concepts with hands-on experience. You will learn to work with the file system, events, stream, buffers, and multi-processing in associated building a protocol server with Node.js. With our six months/weeks Node.js certification training in Chandigarh, you’ll also learn to develop applications using Express and using them to Heroku. We have affirmed a group of industry specialists who offer you guidance and training through which you’ll learn all concepts of Node.js. After the completion of Node JS Training in Punjab, Infowiz will confirm to make sure to provide 100% job placements assistance. We will ensure that every one of our students gets placed in reputed companies.

Top Reasons to Choose Infowiz for Node JS Training in Punjab

  • Node JS training in Chandigarh is developed according to the IT business standard.
  • We offer the most effective and Best Node JS training in Punjab and dedicated placement assistance in Chandigarh with properly planned coaching modules and course content.
  • Regular and Weekends classes for Node JS training are provided.
  • One of the largest team of Certified knowledgeable Trainers with 5 to 15+ years of Real Industry expertise.
  • Mentors of Node JS Programming helps in major project training, minor project training, live project preparation, interview preparation, and job placement support.
  • 24×7 Lab Facilities. Students are allowed to get to the labs for a boundless number of hours according to their favored timings.


  • Introduction
  • Advantages of Node JS
  • Traditional Web Server Model
  • Node.js Process Model
  • Setup Development Environment
  • Node JS Console

Node JS Modules

  • Functions
  • Buffer
  • Module
  • Module Types
  • Core Modules
  • Local Modules
  • Module.Exports

Node Package Manager

  • What is NPM
  • Installing packages locally
  • Adding dependency in package .json
  • Installing packages globally
  • Updating packages

File System

  • Read file
  • Writing a file
  • Writing a file asynchronously
  • Opening a file
  • Deleting a file
  • Other IO Operations
Node JS

Creating Webserver

  • Creating web server
  • Handling http requests
  • Sending requests

NODE JS Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course  duration for NODE Js. Please contact our team for the current NODE Js course fee and duration. CONTACT US


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