Infowiz provides best training in Chandigarh  to Marketing Students. During Marketing Training, our main motive is to make the students aware about current trends in the industry, current status of the market and more. Internship at our company make sure to make students aware about basic departments procedures.

As we all know, Management and Marketing process is solely practical, which makes it important for students to become competitive and dynamic, rather than being studious or theoretical. Students can learn lot of things during Industrial training, both practical and therotical.

  • Business skills
  • Learning skills for managers
  • Motivational and leadership strategies
  • New marketing trends
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Strategic thinking and decision making techniques
  • Leading Marketing teams effectively
  • Building skills as a new manager
  • Proper project management
  • Working productively in virtual teams
  • Professional presentation to audience
  • Adequate effective proposals
  • Positive problem solving techniques
  • Maintaining Negotiation attributes for win-win outcomes
  • Case study for Marketing Profiles
  • Retail Marketing techniques
  • Online & Offline Marketing
  • Digital Marketing