Manual Testing is the Backbone of the Testing Technology

If we are discuss about Manual testing first thing those who are accrue in our mind is the manual testing will be done by human mind without any software. But that’s now true manual testing is those technique of testing in which we test the very product quality manual step by step rather than with human mind and some software techniques. Some basis tools will be used to manually perform the testing procedure. In Manual testing the tester find the basic bugs and problems which are accrued in the client uses time. The manual testing the person who can test the all quality of product the major the all product quality step by step in every phase of the uses.

Manual Testing is a Responsible work

Manual testing is very important work of the organization, so it is necessary the eligible person who is good and intelligent minded person handle the manual testing work because manual testing is a responsible work and no one can easily handle this work without known the great knowledge of testing. Manual testing is not only check the product quality they also check the person quality who can work under its process. Each phase of production of product the testing is necessary, so the manual testing will be started at the beginning to end of the production. Manual testing will be done when the all defects and bugs are rectified in the product and product will be working without any issue and problem.

How much Manual Testing Different from the Software Testing

Manual testing and software testing is two different techniques of testing to test of any product. Manual testing test the every product and software issue step by step without using any automation tool. Else software testing test the product using some software testing tools. Software testing doesn’t rectified the basic software issue which is arise in client side but manual testing check the all issues and problems which is accrued in the client and use side. The software testing only work on quality of product and rather than manual testing work on every phase of product production. Software testing life period is small to the manual testing working period.

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