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Installation and configuration

Data Preprocessing

Regression Techniques
Simple Linear Regression
Multiple Linear Regression
Polynomial Linear Regression
Support Vector Regression
Decision Tree Regression
Random Forest Regression
Evaluating Regression Model Performance

Classification Techniques
K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)
Support Vector Machine (SVM)
Kernel SVM
Naïve Bayes Classification
Decision Tree Classification
Random Forest Classification
Evaluating Classification Model Performance

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Basic of NLP
Language preprocessing Techniques
Auto summarizing the given text document

Clustering Techniques
K-Means Clustering
K-mini Batch Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering

Elbow Method

Curve Smoothening Techniques

Association Rule Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Basics of Numpy and panda

Deep Learning
Basics/what is Deep Learning

Artificial Neural Networks

Dimension Reduction Techniques
Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)

Statistics Basics
Standard Deviation
Pearson Correlation Coefficient (PCC)/ Correlation Coefficient

Model Selection
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