Almost anything you see in App Stores can now be created with pure HTML5  and the maximum programming part is done with J-Query.
Although we will cover some of the most exciting features of HTML5 such as geolocation, web sockets, local storage, Real Time Communications(Web Workers, Web Socket), File / Hardware Access(Native Drag & Drop, FileSystem APIs, Geolocation, Device Orientation and Speech Input), Semantics & Markup, Multimedia, Graphics (2D and 3D Effects) SVG and Canvas, the focus of the course will be to help people understand the core principles and best practices for creating websites and apps.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Entry point to Web Application & Windows Store Apps training
  • Using HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript to implement programming logic
  • Perform looping & branching
  • Develop user interfaces, capture & validate user input
  • Store data & create well-structured applications

Course covers:

Programming with HTML5, JavaScript,JQuery & CSS3


Graduates, Undergraduates, Engineers & Working professionals