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ISO 9001:2015 (International Standard Organization)

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ISO 9001 refers to International Standard which define the quality management system of Organization, Companies, and Factories. The ISO certification implies that the goods or services produced and rendered which meets customer’s requirements to the fullest. The latest version of ISO 9001 is 9001: 2015.In this world of cut-throat competition where all the companies are deemed to provide the best and optimum services and products to the end-user, the use of ISO paves the ideal way whereof confirming that the goods so produced or services being provided are fully in compliance with the international standards laid down.

The major advantage of ISO 9001:2015 is that this tool is immensely helpful in improving the credibility and competitiveness in the organization thereby offering full customer satisfaction and customer loyalty towards the organization. The main purpose of laying down the standards is facilitating the organizations in meeting up mandatory requirements relating to the product while achieving excellence in providing satisfaction, service, and delivery. With the help of standards, it has been observed that the performance and efficiency of the complete organization are enhanced. ISO has been implemented by more than 180 million organizations throughout the globe. ISO 9001 in today’s scenario has become a valuable asset to any Organization. As we all know that Indian Government has created this rule that one must have done.

  • 120 hours course
  • 200 hours course
  • 1 year course
  • 2 year course

from an ISO Certified Organization, to be eligible for a government job. Infowiz also offers ISO certification course in Chandigarh for students.

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