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Since the world is becoming digital at a rapid speed, It is very important for us to transform ourselves from old and traditional aspects to the digital world in order to cope up with the competition. Digitalization has taken the world by storm and has immensely improved the quality, flexibility, and efficiency – be it a product or service. IoT training institute in Chandigarh – the best place to learn is Infowiz where the skills of the candidate are sharpened in order to transform him/her into a professional. At our organization, we impart the complete practical skills required for an individual to cope up with this competitive environment and to make his presence felt in Corporate Arena. For IoT certification in Chandigarh visit our organization where we improvise the practical know-how of latest technologies and innovations like Wireless Networking Technology, Arduino Mega, Data Modeling, Radio Modulation and much more, the knowledge of which will enhance your capabilities and skills to a great extent. Infowiz provides the best IoT course in Chandigarh which is crafted by experts from the industry and through these courses, one can gain the necessary skills to become master in Art of the IoT Development Field. Our courses include advanced features like Remote Monitoring and Edge Computing. IoT Training in Chandigarh provided by our organization will give a new horizon to shape your career as a professional IOT developer.


Best 6 months/6 weeks IOT Industrial Training Company in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

The digitalization industry has altered the complete functioning in the Corporate Arena and one has to be fully equipped with knowledge of all the advanced tools used in IoT. Best 6 months IoT training institute in Chandigarh i.e. Infowiz which imparts State of the Art practical knowledge and skills required by the fresher to develop a career in any of the field of one’s own choice in which the fresher, later on, can turn himself into Professional. Best six months/week IoT training in Punjab i.e. Infowiz which offers an opportunity and paves the path of ideal learning and developing one’s own skills in whichever field one opts for in the long run.


Why Choose Infowiz for IoT Training in Chandigarh

Getting training from Infowiz will provide an opportunity for you to work on live project modules thereby enhancing your practical knowledge and skills. Moreover, the certification provided by our company is widely accepted and recognized all across India and you will get an edge over others at the time when you are applying for job prospects. Best IoT training company in Chandigarh i.e. Infowiz where we believe in quality, commitment, determination and strive to deliver the same to the trainees.


IoT Industrial Training – Course Content

IoT Reference Architecture

  • Introduction
  • Functional View
  • Information View
  • Deployment and Operational View
  • Other Relevant architectural views

M2M and IoT Technology Fundamentals

  • Data management
  • Devices and gateways
  • Knowledge Management
  • M2M and IoT Analytics
  • Business processes in IoT
  • Local and wide area networking
  • Everything as a Service(XaaS)

Architecture Reference Model

  • Introduction
  • IoT reference Model
  • Reference Model and architecture

M2M to IoT

  • The Vision-Introduction
  • From M2M to IoT
  • A use case example
  • Differing Characteristics
  • M2M towards IoT-the global context

M2M to IoT – A Market Perspective

  • Introduction
  • Some Definitions
  • M2M Value Chains
  • IoT Value Chains
  • An emerging industrial structure for IoT
  • The international driven global value chain and global information monopolies

M2M to IoT-An Architectural Overview

  • Building an architecture
  • Main design principles and needed capabilities
  • An IoT architecture outline, standards considerations

IoT Architecture-State of the Art

  • Introduction
  • State of the art

Real-World Design Constraints

  • Introduction
  • Interaction and remote control
  • Data representation and visualization
  • Technical Design constraints-hardware is popular again

Industrial Automation

  • Service-oriented architecture-based device integration
  • IMC-AESOP: from the Web of Things to the Cloud of Things
  • SOCRADES: realizing the enterprise integrated Web of Things

Commercial Building Automation

  • Introduction
  • Case study: phase one-commercial building automation today
  • Case study: phase two- commercial building automation in the future


Eventually fate of IoT is by all accounts exceptionally splendid as this is taking care of and enabling Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in a major manner. Information from IoT systems empowers us to have better tracking, monitoring, prediction, the execution and control of different frameworks in various ventures. Assembling, transportation, healthcare and utility parts show progressively potential for IoT development in the coming future.

IOT Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom
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