Introduction TO Android

With the growing pace in technology, fresh technlogies, softwares and operating systems are in need. similarly, the growth from simple handsets to mobile phones have changed our lives tremondously.

Android is also written in java programming and have developed a lot in past 15 years. it is an powerful operating system supporting number of applications. The hardware that supports android is based on “ARM architecture” platform. Its application framework is such that it enables the reusage and replacement of components and it is optimized for mobile devices. moreover, it is based on open source web kit engine that is it is available open source for developers to develop appliocations which further can be used for selling in market. Android was basically, developed by google. around 2.0 lakh+ games, widgets, applications are available to download and allows users to select, and download applications developed by third party and use them.


  1. Activities, services, content providers, broadcast recievers are its some basic components and applications are usually comprised of one or two components. Each component plaYS its own specific functions in the overall application behaviour and be activated individually.
  2. images, strings, layout, files and so on referred as non-code resources must include alternatives for device configurations.

A large number of companies are currently using android such as acer, dell, garmin,HKC, samsung, videocon and many more. As android keeps on updating still, its latest version known as (honeycomb 3.1) possess very advanced features and updated applications which are optimized for use on larger screen devices. moreover, it supports famous web standards like cSS 3D, animations and CSS fixed positioning to all sites mobiles or desktop.

Hence, android have a great role in changing users life and have ultimate scope in future for sure.

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