Importance of .NET

.Net is a framework where you can develop any kind of Application like Window Application, Web Application, Mobile Application by using different type of languages
like C,C++,VB,C#,J#,F# and many more. You can write your code in any language.

.Net is a Microsoft Product. In .Net we can create application easily and in less time because it provide Drag and Drop facility which saves the time to complete
the application. We have no need to write code for drag and drop controls.

It is very user friendly and secure. It has a big library which is called FCL (Framework Class Library).FCL has interfaces, Classes and data types. It also
contain BCL (Base class library) which has basic fundamentals. Another new environment is CLR (Common Language Runtime) which performs the wide role in .NET.
CLR manage all functionality like memory management and execution of any program. It converts the compile code into machine language.

Now a Days .Net is popular for all kind of Applications with easy approach and with their wide range of features.

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