Features of C Language

C is a programming language. It is used to build program and design a software. C is the base language for all technologies like Java, Php, and Android. It is
procedural language that means it follow the procedure step by step. It is also known as Top Down approach. It is very popular language because of its qualities.
These are:

  • It is portable i.e. we can write our program on one computer and also same program can run on other computer without any changes.
  • It has 32 keywords which is used to build programs.
  • C language is very simple and easy to learn.
  • C language is very efficient for small projects.
  • It is used for graphic implementation like moving car, rainbow, and snakegame.
  • C is also used in Embedded applications.
  • In C language we can divide our problem in modules through functions.
  • It has a big library where variety of data type and in built function are there.
  • It has feature of pointers. Pointers stored the address of variable where its actual exist.
  • In C language we can work with database using file handling concept.

Now a days many other languages have developed but the popularity of C language remains the same because of its qualities.For best industrial training visit Infowiz Software Solution Chandigarh.

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