How to Make Project in AutoCAD ?

Autodesk’s AutoCAD is a software that enables users to draft 2D as well as 3D figures and structures for digital presentation. A project in AutoCAD is a set of interrelated drawings encompassing the structure of an element. A project file includes the name of the diagrams that make up your drawing set. Individuals of the engineering field find great use of this software for drafting structures digitally. Manual drawings are a way but they take years to complete and are not precise. On the other hand AutoCAD software allows you the possibility of drafting even 3D figures with utmost precision and varied views. It is useful to engineers who make not one but multiple structures with the tiniest of details.

An AutoCAD project is saved and drafted in the project manager. Project manager is a tool provided to work with projects and drawings included in the project. The project manager can be assumed to be a palette that allows stuff to remain on screen while you are entering commands. Now you can easily use these tools to draft a structure for reference. The best part is the ease of presentation of your drawing to others. To beginners, this might sound foreign, hence here’s a short guide enlisting how to draft and work on an AutoCAD project. 

How to create a new project:

To initiate your project in AutoCAD, you need to follow certain basic steps. Creating the AutoCAD project involves:

  1. In the new project dialog box, click on new and enter the project name and location.
  2. Now add a description of the project to elucidate the project and its features.
  3. Now click on create a blank project.
  4. Now click create a project to display the newly created project in the project manager.
  5. This creates a new empty project using default values and settings for you to optimize and change. Now you can start making a new project in AutoCAD.

Organize drawings within a project:

 In the project manager view, you can easily add folders to save and view all your files at one place here’s how:

  1. Click on create folder option to create a new folder. Make this your main folder.
  2. Now drag and drop folders and drawings within the project manager into this folder and reorganize.
  3. You can add an unlimited number of folders and folder levels within a project. Rename these folders within the project.
  4. Preselect drawings to process their titles, drawing list report and publishing.

Use saved projects:

You can even view and work on saved projects. The project manager displays a list of projects, amidst which the top ranked is your active project. The list of recently saved projects is visible in a text file called lastproj.fil in the user folder for you to access. Open a project from there to know about a project you can view the lines given the files like:

  1. Project name and path
  2. Project descriptions 1-4
  3. Project state: 

2 is for active; 1 is for open; 0 is for not opened but available for use. 

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