The High-Performance Application Factor in Dot NET

Common Language Runtime was planned for the high-performance as per its need. This blog is about high-performance applications in .NET.In this blog we will explain about following points:

  • Important points that needs to be remembered in .NET
  • Discussion about this factor by the specialist

Important Points that Needs to be Remembered in .NET

  • Profiling APIs is more focusing on memory allocations that is the huge improvement over other current APIs.
  • Garbage collection is one of the main key point for the high-performance in .NET. It is very helpful for automatically destroy the memory space after there is no need to be required.

Various interests have been seen about .NET. There are various doors that have opened for many platforms. These offer many alternates to solve new demands than regular desktops and servers. NET Core is not yet known by many developers, hence it is still awaiting more success stories regarding high-performance applications.

Discussion About this Factor by the Specialist

  • Developer of the .NET GC – MaoniStephens
  • Author of the High-Performance .NET Code and C# 4.0 books-Ben Watson

Developer of the .NET GC- Maoni Stephens

She is the developer of the .NET GC and she worked on it. According to Maoni, many people thinks that the.NET always check high productivity and not the performance. But there are so many products that always has high performance requirements.So, to make sure that our GC handle every possible requirement. Most of the people want the best performance and we have to work according to them.

Author of the High-Performance .NET Code and C# 4.0 books-Ben Watson

According to Ben Watson, .NET is already in a strong place. The CLR completely responsible for the performance. .NET allowsyou some ideal features in the runtime. But there are also some disadvantage. In a real world, where every factor matters like GC and JIT can get in the way of huge performance. There are many alternates for this, but it can also need more efforts according to the performance.

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