Best Embedded Training Company in Chandigarh/ Mohali and Bathinda

There is no denying the fact that Embedded System are the future. In layman’s language, the Embedded system is a sort of advanced computer system which has been designed to process, store, control the enormous data in various electronic-based devices and systems be it Smart Phone, Tablet, Home Security, Traffic Control System. Best embedded training company in Chandigarh Powered by Infowiz where our experts and embedded developers make you fully skilled on the latest Microprocessor/Microcontrollers through the knowledge of which you can give a kick start to your career in this growing field as an embedded engineer. Embedded certification course in Chandigarh from our organization is duly recognized all over India which will enhance your chances of getting your dream job at an ease and you can always get an edge over the others.

Embedded course in Chandigarh at Infowiz, the embedded courses are designed by our experts Think-Tank with the help of which one can become master in Embedded Software and Hardware Architecture or one can make his career as an expert Embedded Developer. Embedded training institute in Chandigarh The best place to acquire the necessary skills is at our organization where we deliver quality and essential knowledge required to become an Expert and give a new horizon to your career.


Best 6 months/6 weeks Embedded Industrial Training in Chandigarh/Mohali and Bathinda

Be a part of our think tank team and enhance upon your technical skills in the field of Embedded which offers vast and unlimited growth opportunities in this Arena. Learn from the Best 6 months embedded industrial training in Chandigarh i.e. Infowiz where our Expert Developers are committed to improvising quality knowledge and practical skills in order to make you thorough with essential tools in embedded. The skills imparted by our developers will go a long way in providing an ideal platform and the right shape to your career. Best six months/weeks embedded industrial training in Punjab only at Infowiz which offers you the best development of your own skills to become a perfectionist in embedded systems.


Why Infowiz is Best for Embedded Training in Punjab

Infowiz is the best place for embedded training as we provide skill development opportunities on the latest and advanced tools in Embedded. Our course modules designed by the experts in this field offers real-time practical exposure to the learner and help the beginners to become professional. The best embedded training company in Punjab i.e. INFOWIZ where we provide top training in embedded systems as per the standards laid down by the industry.


Embedded Industrial Training – Course Content


  • Numbering and Coding System
  • Logic Gates and Integrated circuits
  • Computer generation
  • Microcontroller vs Microprocessor
  • Role of CPU
  • Microcontroller for Embedded system
  • History, Domain and Applications


  • Architecture of 8051
  • Pin Diagram of 8051
  • Pull Up Registers
  • Port Description
  • XTAL Connections
  • Timers, Interrupts and Serial communication
  • C & C++<
  • Introduction of C (History, Version and Compiler )
  • Variable, Keyword, Operators, Expression Data
  • String, Array, Pointer, Memory allocation and data Structure


  • Introduction to PIC architecture
  • Comparison of PIC with other CISC & RISC based systems and Microprocessors
  • PIC family Categories and importance (10F/12F/16F/18F)
  • 16f877 / 18f4520 pin details and specifications (with package detail)
  • Instruction set / Bus architecture
  • RAM, FLASH, UART and other peripherals.
  • Interrupts, timer , Counters
  • Introduction to PIC Pro BASIC programming KIT
  • Introduction


  • LED Toggling
  • LCD 16*2
  • Message Display
  • Relay
  • Buzzer
  • DC Motor
  • Keypad


  • Keli
  • Proteus
  • Flash Magic


  • Computer organization, embedded computers
  • CPU organization and memory access
  • the AVR microcontroller unit and tools for the AVR MCU
  • I/O read/write and I/O bit changing instructions
  • Memory allocation and data moving instructions
  • Midterm 1 and binary numbers and other bases
  • Binary arithmetic
  • Arithmetic instructions
  • Decision making and branching
  • Loop control structure
  • Midterm 2 and formalized control structure translation
  • Compound conditions
  • Overall program organization
  • Stack and subroutines


Every enterprise desires some synthetic brain into it and synthetic Genius can be given with the aid of embedded structures only. No digital product is beyond embedded structures in the market. In the current times, Embedded software program has located instant software in telecommunications, protection instruments, railroad networks, consumer electronics, digital payments, and smart cards industry.


Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

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