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Surge arrestor’s electrical power system with help of micro-controller-Surge

arresters protect electrical equipment from overvoltage. This document presents the design and features of modern MO surge arresters.

Load sharing control system design

The main objective of this project is to regulate the available power with the consumption load. The system measures electricity using current and voltage sensing circuits for each energy source – wind, solar, grid, and generator. The image compares the consumption of the microcontroller load and then connects the corresponding load to a healthy source.

Cyber security analysis substation automation system

The automated substation uses SCADA for their implementation. Use smart electronic devices for security, control and surveillance. The Mod bus protocol is used for communication. This document explains the monitoring of substations and analyzes the cyber security issues of SCADA systems.

Power source for rural electriciation development

This paper reveals a solution for accessing a high voltage power grid in a rural community provided by a station service voltage transformer.

PID and Fuzzy PD controllers for dc server motor based project

The project implements fuzzy-based PDs and Ziegler-Nichols rules-based PID controllers to control the position of the DC servo motor. In this project, a DAQ board with LabVIEW software is used to implement both controllers.

Power theft monitoring wireless design

The aim of this project is to implement an anti-theft monitoring system using wireless sensor networks. This wireless sensor device is the customer’s power metering device that periodically sends load information to the control station. The control station collects all user data and automatically detects the stolen user by comparing the additional load consumed with the actual value.

Data logger automation meter reading(AMR) design with Xbee

The project demonstrates the design of an automatic meter reading (AMR) data logger for reading, collecting and storing the energy consumption of various consumers remotely using Zigbee technology. This design is implemented using the Arduino controller and the Zigbee communication module.

Robotic arm control system based on plc

This project implements a robotic ARM control system using PLC for precise control. The programmable logic controller (PLC) is programmed to perform various ARM movements by providing signals corresponding to the motor driver circuit.

Object shorting Automation based on PLC

This document describes an automatic object sorting system that sorts objects by weight and height controlled by a programmable logic controller. It is low-cost, low maintenance and long-life system.

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