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Electrical design engineers are the experts who have thorough and complete knowledge in the field of designing and development of the manufacturing, developing and effective control of the Electric Power. Over the past few years, the field of the electrical designer has shown tremendous growth and continuing till today. The top bulls are on the outlook of professionals in the electrical designing field and are offering attractive and lucrative packages. Best electrical designing certification course in Chandigarh provided at Infowiz where we tend to deliver and impart in-depth and technical knowledge on the various tools in electrical designing which will lay down a solid  foundation of their career as a successful Electrical Designer. For electrical design training in Chandigarh, the best place to acquire complete knowledge is at our company where our team of experts from the industry who are enriched with experience improvises the practical implications of essential tools used in the field of electrical designing as on today.

Electrical designing course in Chandigarh from our organization can provide you with more than sufficient and in-depth knowledge required to solve the complex problems in real environment and to prepare for an optimum solution to that problem. These courses at our organization  are designed by industrial experts and are fully in compliance with the norms laid down by the top electrical companies, industries and MNC’S all over India.


Best 6 months/ 6 weeks Electrical Designing Industrial Training in Chandigarh |Mohali |Bathinda

To become an Expert and Professional in the field of Electrical Designing, its very essential that one should  be practically skilled in designing, development and effectively managing the electric components and tools. For acquiring the necessary skills required, opt. For the best  6 months electrical designing industrial training in Chandigarh at Infowiz where our team of Experts and Experienced designers will impart the practical skills in you to help you in becoming a thorough professional in this field as the course content is being designed from leaders of the industry. Best six months/ weeks electrical designing industrial training in Punjab at Infowiz where after getting fully equipped with the knowledge and skills requires, you can give new horizons to your career.


Why Infowiz is best for Electrical Designing in Punjab 

In order to attain perfection in the field of Electrical Designing, the best place to develop your skills is at Infowiz where our experts improvise the necessary skills required to cope up with the ever-changing demand in the organization. The teaching methodology at our organization stands far ahead of other competitors who offer only false promises to you. in order to be the best, learn from the best electrical designing training company in Chandigarh. Getting fully knowledgeable through the leaders of this field will offer you the best career opportunities in the top companies across India.

Electrical Design Engineering Industrial Training – Course Content

  • Estimation of Plant Electrical Load
  • Development of Single Line Diagrams
  • Control Schematics
  • Selection and Sizing of Electrical Equipment’s
  • Hazardous Area Classification and Selection of Equipment’s
  • System Studies and Calculation
  • Cable Selection and Sizing
  • Cable Routing
  • Earthing& Lightening Protection Design
  • Illumination Design
  • Sub-Station design
  • Electrical Equipment/System Specification


Configuration Engineers have a splendid future in the present period however the essential is that you ought to have great contacts to show your abilities and great abilities to meet the market needs. A electrical designer can diagram the needy DC circuit breakers for new HVDC connections. Designer can improvise and enhance the designs owing losses and fault. A designer is competent to change the situation, the individual in question is the most remarkable individual in any industry, with the approach of 3D printers any ideation can be acknowledged and afterward sold out at the stubborn and exemplary expense.


Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom
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