In simple words, E-Commerce refers to the process of buying and selling of goods, services etc. through electronic medium like mobile and internet. Today’s Era is of modernization and nowadays even the selling/marketing industry has become service industry whereby providing variety of stuff and services to attract the client and that too at the client’s doorstep. In other words, E-Commerce has made the life of individual extremely easy and has played a pivot role in revolutionizing the changes in taste of the common masses. E-Commerce has tremendously gained and increased its popularity in the last few years.

E-Commerce includes online internet banking online booking of tickets and reservations hotels booking and reservations and many more. Be it ordering of food stuff or booking cabs or selecting the outfit one has selected, E-commerce has totally altered the functioning of these industries and delivering the stuff at the doorstep of customer. E-Commerce has been pioneer not only in increasing the sales volume of materialistic goods but also E-Commerce has proved its benchmark in service industry example is PayPal, Google Pay which are very reliable and these external payment systems and further generated people’s confidence in E-Commerce.

Importance of E-COMMERCE

1. Creation of quality assurance impact on visitors :- With the onset of web development technology, almost all the websites are upgrading advanced features, betterment and user friendly thus creating an everlasting impression on its users. A good web development has in depth insight of customer’s tendency to purchase, customer’s behavior, and tendency to retain the customer.

2. Better Visibility :- In order to attract large visitors it is essential that the E-Commerce site so prepared is user friendly and impressive. Moreover it should be SEO friendly too which will enable the visibility of the site. The idea is to attract and lure the customer for buying our product displayed at site, so it should stimulate the visitor to visit site again and again.

3. Global Reach :- Since E-Commerce web development is not limited to one’s limitations of nearby local area or any segment of your selected client but is geographically spread over the world. A client thousands of miles away from U can become your client if you have an attractive website where the customer can order or purchase the goods just with the help of click on mobile button.

4. Cost Savings :- E-Commerce businesses need not to invest a huge sum of money on rent/hiring shops or premises or any physical shop. No rent, no staff, no overhead expenses these entire make E-commerce sites gain an edge over price wars in competitive market.

5. Easy Assesability :- on line E-commerce is always open 24*7 days, 365 days in a year as compared to the physical businesses who have limited hours of their operations. This offers easy assesability and is of great convenient to the customer like for example banks are off on Sundays but with on-line transactions one can send or receive the money hassle free.

Scope of E-Commerce

The scope of E-Commerce is tremendous and seeing ample growth opportunity in the near future. E-Commerce has widened scope in the following aspects of marketing.
• Sales and sales promotion
• Finance and insurance
• Product services and maintenance
• Distributed cooperative working
• Transport and logistics
• Accounting and financial management

INFOWIZ INDUSTRY PVT.LTD. E-commerce Development Services:

INFOWIZ INDUSTRY PVT.LTD is an ecommerce Development Company in Chandigarh. We Offer the below ecommerce Development services to our clients.

• Custom ecommerce Web Development
• Maintenance and Support
• ecommerce Website Design and Customization
• Responsive ecommerce Websites
• ecommerce Shopping Cart Development
• Plug-in and Module Development
• Payment Gateway Integration

Why choose INFOWIZ INDUSTRY PVT.LTD. – An ecommerce Website Development Services in Chandigarh:

• Experienced in developing awesome UI interface for ecommerce sites and portable applications or mobile apps for simple checkout process.
• Infowiz is having team of professionals working around the clock for your online store.
• Strong experience in all prominent ecommerce web improvement innovations or technologies and systems.
• We will be glad to be a part of your organizational success and will be also assured you that we will put on our best efforts which will immensely help your organization scale greater heights.
• Transparency all through the whole ecommerce website advancement process
• Quick TAT (turnaround time).
• We will be glad to be a part of your organizational success and will be also assured you that we will put on our best efforts which will immensely help your organization scale greater heights.