1 Year Diploma Course in VLSI-VHDL in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

VLSI-Very Large Scale Integration-a big integrated circuit.
VHDL-Virtual Hardware Descriptive Langauge -a laanguage to design big IC’s.
LSI is purely a physical decrition of what technology is being used for constructing an Integrated Circuit. Whereas VHDL is logical language which is a way of describing complex logical circuit in a high language. It is used to model digital system by dataflow, behavioral style of modeling. In general terms VHDL is hardware description language used in electronic design automation for the description of digital and mixed signal systems. Diploma in VLSI-VHDL offered by INFOWIZ where we train you practically on complex digital circuits for simulation and synthesis which can be used for modification and reuse at a later stage . At our organization, we make you fully skill equipped on various circuits and their designing implementation which helps you in choosing your career as Expert in VLSI –VHDL at later point of time.

 1 Year diploma course in VLSI –VHDL from our organization will lay the foundation of an ideal career building as expert electric engineer in the field of Designing, Simulation of designs and much more this field has to offer for you.

Why choose INFOWIZ for your VLSI-VHDL Diploma Course in Punjab

Infowiz offers for the best platform where you can enhance upon your skill set in the field of VHDL designing and simulation and become an Expert in this Arena. The superior course methodology at INFOWIZ is far from comparison with others. Our dynamic course structure has been fully designed by the Experts from the industry so as to enable you to attain professionalism in this Arena. We provide a complete practical learning on Industry tools. And above all we impart job oriented skills which will enhance your chances of getting placed in the organizations of repute as we have a very strong Industry Alliance. Our proven track record speaks volume of our excellence in VLSI Training.  

VLSI/VHDL Industrial Training – Course Content

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  • Basic electronics (introduction)
  • Chip Design Methodology
  • Digital Systems Design (Basic, VHL, and Verilog)
  • Synthesis and Pnr Flow
  • Linux Flow
  • Shell and Perl for Scripting Language and Automation
  • CMOS Layout (Basic)
  • RTL to GDSII Design Flow
  • Front End Design and Verification (Specialized course)
  • Advanced Verilog and VHDL
  • Performing Functional Verification with the use of SystemVerilog
  • FPGA Architecture and Implementation, and many others
  • Back End Design and CMOS Layout (Specialized course)
  • Introduction to CMOS Layout
  • Physical Design
  • ASIC Flow
  • FinFET and other topics
  • Live handling of industry projects
  • Live handling of numerous small projects
  • Enhancement of Analytical skills and Soft skills

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