1 Year Diploma in STADD PRO in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

STAAD PRO or Staad is a structural analysis and design software. It is the most essential software in Civil engineering. STAAD software is mainly useful for executing the various structural elements mainly column, beam, walls, load moments, etc. Staad pro delivers safe, effective, unique and cost-effective designs. Also, this software helpful in analyzing and designing of complex structures for loading conditions like dead and live loads, skips conditions, etc. Diploma in STAAD PRO from Infowiz will impart the essential skills required for you to make you an expert Stadd Pro developer in any construction, civil designing, Architecture field. The diploma from our organization will enhance your practical skills to the next generation level.One will learns the basic fundamentals of Staad Pro to the advanced FEM analysis software and their implementation in real-life situations.

1 Year Diploma course in Staad Pro from Infowiz will enhance upon your skillset considerably to a great extent. The course designed at our organization will provide you with thorough knowhow of the complete Staad Pro Interface, performing analysis of different types, post-process and work on hi-tech analysis like RCC design, steel design, Wind load analysis, water tank, Machine foundation and much more. After the completion of course you will be proficient in this software through which you can offer a kick start to your career.

Why Choose Infowiz for your Diploma in STAAD PRO in Punjab

Infowiz offers state of the art Staad pro course contents. We offer a flexible modeling environment which will help you to enhance your designing productivity. We are well known and enjoy the rapport who provides 100% placement assistance in this Arena. We have the experts and professionals who train the aspirants as per the requirements and needs of the industry. The diploma from our company will open up bright opportunities for you as we impart hi-tech and in-depth as well as extensive Knowledge on the various advanced tools associated with this software in order to make you perfectionist in this field. We are committed to improvise hi-end knowhow on the Civil Design Engineering Domain to offer skill set which is widely recognized across the Industry with confidence and ability required to face the technicalities and challenges in a complex situation in real-time situation.

STAAD PRO Industrial Training – Course Content


  • Starting Staad Pro
  • Creating a New file
  • Staad Pro Screen information
  • Overview of Structural Analysis and Design
  • Types of Structures
  • Idealization of Structures and Staad Commands.


  • What are Nodes
  • Beams, and Plates, how things are done in the Input File
  • Geometry Creation Methods?
  • Using Structure Wizard, Viewing, Selecting
  • Using Selecting While viewing 3D Geometry.


  • Selfweight loading
  • Member loading
  • Area/Floor loading
  • Seismic load Wind load
  • Load combination


  • Steel Design As per IS: 800
  • Allowable Stresses
  • Axial Stresses
  • Bending Stresses
  • Shear Stress
  • Combined Stress
  • Parameter Specifications
  • Code Checking Specifications
  • Member Selection Specifications
  • Tabulated Results Of Steel Design
  • Interactive Designs


  • Node Reactions
  • Beam forces
  • Beam Stresses
  • Beam Graphs
  • Plate Results Along the line
  • Animation Reports ANALYSIS
  • Analysis Specifications
  • Print Specification
  • Pre Analysis Print Commands
  • Post Analysis Print Commands
  • Load List Specifications
  • Report Generation
  • Output file


  • Concrete Design As per IS: 456
  • Design Parameters
  • Design for Flexure
  • Design for Shear
  • Design of Columns
  • Concrete Design Specifications
  • Concrete Design Parameter Specification
  • Concrete Design Command
  • Concrete Take of Concrete Design Terminator
  • Beam Brief
  • Column Brief
  • DESIGN OF SLABS slab as per IS:456