1 Year PHP Diploma in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

Today’s Era is an Era of technology which is growing on a high note day by day. In order to survive in this cut-throat competitive environment one has to be fully skilled and equipped with the know-how of the Latest Technologies and Trends Venturing into the Corporate world as on today. Various diploma courses are being run by the Govt. and Pvt. Sector offering the learners to acquire adequate knowledge and add wings to their career. The main advantage of providing Diploma Courses is improvement in the knowledge and skills on overall basics so that the students after attaining skills can cope up easily as per the standards of industry.Diploma in PHP from Infowiz will help to sharpen up your own skills on the latest Technologies and Trends thereby making you skillful enough to cope up with the ever-changing demands and requirements in the Corporate Arena.

1 year diploma course in PHP from Infowiz will ensure that the skills are being induced within you so that you will be able to build websites and various web applications, be a perfectionist with database and Server-Side Languages so that you can easily build up HTML based various mobile Apps and can become a front end developer.

Why Choose Infowiz for your PHP Diploma in Punjab

Infowiz the best company offering State of the Art training in PHP by our passionate team of web developers where we improvise in-depth training on PHP and MySQL database. PHP being the most powerful programming language which is used for web development and web applications. Both the web applications and desktop applications can be developed in PHP. The simple programming style in PHP will help any individual learn from the basics to the advanced level i.e. various CMS and frameworks like cake PHP, Magento, etc. At Infowiz we have experts and experienced professionals and web developers who will improvise 100% practical knowledge on latest technologies venturing in PHP language as on today.    

PHP Industrial Training – Course Content

Basics of Web Designing

  • HTML 5- Introducing & Tags
  • Style Sheets
  • Javascript / JQuery
  • Ajax

Building the Base

  • Introducing PHP & Language Basics
  • Function & Arrays
  • Advanced OOPS Features
  • Error & Exception Handling

Advance PHP

  • Error & Exception Handling
  • Working with File & Operating System
  • Working with HTML Forms


  • Online Project
  • Web Hosting
  • FTP

Database Handling with PHP

  • Introduction mySQL
  • Using Php & mySQL
  • Introducing PDO
  • Importing and Exporting Data

Professional PHP

  • Authenticating Users
  • Handling File Uploads
  • Session Handling
  • Templating with Smarty
  • Securing your Web site
  • AJAX Enhancing Features with JQuery & PHP


  • WordPress – Installation & Plugins
  • Theme Implementation
  • Widgets
  • Jhoomla – Installation and Working
  • Google API
  • Codeigniter

Best php industrial training company in chandigarh, mohali

Framework Basics

  • Using Framework CakePHP/Yii
  • Laying the Foundation
  • MVC Architecture
  • Using Models
  • Creating and Customizing Views
  • Writing Controllers
  • Getting it all together

Ecommerce Application Using Framework

  • Creating the Product Catalog
  • Searching the Catalog
  • Creating your Own Shopping Cart
  • Receiving Payments Using Paypal
  • Accepting & Storing Customers Orders
  • Processing Credit card Transactions
  • Integration of Mail & SMS in Web App
  • Hosting & Running the E-commerce Application