1 Year Diploma Course in Automation in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

Automation is a process or system of operating and control any process with the help of machines or electronic devices whereby reducing the human efforts to the bare minimum. Automation or automatic control is useful in controlling the operating equipment’s like Machinery, any process carried in the factory, boilers, heat treatment plants, switching over telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft’s etc with minimum human efforts required otherwise. Diploma in automation from Infowiz will impart upon essential skills required to cope up with the everchanging demands of the industries which will help you to become an automation expert at later stage of your career. We train you from the basic fundamentals of PLC to the advanced tools now a days being widely used all over the world.

1 Year Diploma Course in Automation offered and empowered by Infowiz will make you well equipped and well versed with the latest tools being used now days in corporate sector. The course so designed aims at enhancement of your skills in configuring, programming and operating the Automation Systems used in the Industry like electronic circuit, CNC Programming, Sensors, Design and fabrication techniques and after completion of your diploma course one can startup his/her career as Networking Engineer, Robotic Manager, Project Manager or Manufacturing Engineer in any of the Companies, Industries of Repute.

Why Choose Infowiz for your Automation Diploma in Punjab.

Choosing the right place from where you can acquire the skills and thorough knowhow of Automation Process and the various tools associated with this field is the need of the hour. Choosing Infowiz for your diploma course in Automation will provide you the right platform where you can practically learn upon use of various physical tools to build and repair various equipments which includes CNC machines and robots. Besides gaining the technical skills, we provide knowledge in Project Management too which will create a positive impact on your career in future. Skilled Automation Experts are in huge demand in the industries and gaining skills from an organisation of Repute does matter a lot and increase your chances of being selected and placed in top Industries, Companies and Organisations not only in India but Abroad also.