1 Year Diploma in 3DS Max in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

3DS Max formally called 3D Studio or 3D Studio Max is altogether
Professional 3D computer graphic program for building 3D Animations ,Games,
Images and Models. The tools sets associated with 3DS Max define and are used to create high end scenes and stunning as well as unique visual. 3DS max software
is being widely used in numerous arenas across the globe due to its state of Art
Animated features. Diploma in 3DS max from Infowiz provide you with complete
practical knowhow of creating and animating virtual and real environment with
3DS Max. Our team of Expert developers will make you well versed with various
tools associated with this software so that you can also set up your career in this
field which is offering hi-end growth and ample opportunities.

1 Year Diploma Course in 3DS Max from our organization will
lay by the foundation of your successful career launch. Starting from scratch,
we impart you the advanced complete knowledge of latest trends and advanced
technologies associated with this Software like Exterior and Interior lighting
and Rendering, importing 2D project into 3DS MAX. The course immensely helps you
to become the master and expert in this software.

Why choose Infowiz
for your 3D MAX Diploma in Punjab

We at infowiz offer you the ideal platform for enrichment of
your skills to the next generation level. We undertake to improvise practical
knowhow among the learners on various advanced tools through the knowledge of
which one thrust upon the first step towards a bright career ahead of individual
which is everlasting and evergrowing. Infowiz being registered under the
Government of India and the certification provided by us after the completion
of course is renowned and carries an edge over the other during the placement
process. So get fully skill equipped from the leaders and pioneers in this
industry where we give a flying start to your career. 

3DS MAX Industrial Training – Course Content

  • Navigate the 3DS Max User Interface and Workspace
  • Transforming Objects Using Gizmos
  • Graphite Modeling Tools Set
  • Command Panel
  • Time Slider and Track Bar
  • File Management
  • 3DS Max First Project
  • Setting Up a Project Workflow
  • Clock Modeling
  • Spline Modifier
  • Bringing It All Together
  • Modeling in 3DS Max: Architecture Model – Part 1
  • Units Setup
  • Importing a CAD Drawing
  • Creating the Walls
  • Creating the Doors
  • Creating the Window
  • Adding the Floor and Ceiling
  • Modeling in 3DS Max: Architecture Model – Part 2
  • Modeling the Couch
  • Modeling the Lounge Chair
  • Introduction to Animation
  • Animating the Ball
  • Refining the Animation
  • Animation Principles
  • Anticipation and Momentum in Knife Throwing
  • Character Poly Modeling – Part 1
  • Setting Up the Scene
  • Creating the Hands
  • Character Poly Modeling – Part 3
  • Creating the Head
  • Merging and Attaching the Head’s Accessories
  • Introduction to the Materials: Interiors and Furniture
  • The Slate Material Editor
  • Material Types
  • Mental Ray Material Types
  • Shades
  • Mapping the Couch and Chair
  • Mapping the Window and Doors
  • Textures and UV Workflows: The Soldier
  • UV Unwrapping
  • Seaming the Rest of the Body
  • Applying the Color Map
  • Applying the Bump Map
  • Applying the Specular Map
  • Character Studio: Rigging
  • Character Studio Workflow
  • Soldier Modeling
  • Character Poly Modeling – Part 2
  • Completing the Main Body
  • Creating the Accessories
  • Putting On the Boot
  • Associating a Biped with the Soldier Model
  • Character Studio: Animation
  • Animating the Soldier
  • Introduction to Lighting: Interior Lighting
  • Three-Point Lighting
  • 3DS Max Lights
  • Lighting the Still Life in the Interior Space
  • Selecting a Shadow Type
  • Atmospheres and Effects
  • Light Lister
  • 3DS Max Rendering
  • Rendering Setup
  • Cameras
  • Safe Frames
  • Raytraced Reflections and Refraction