Difference between star and delta connections are explained considering various factors like the basic definition of the connections, the existence of a neutral point, the connection of the terminals, the relation between the line current and phase current and also between line voltage and phase voltage, speed, it`s insulation level, number of turns, type of system and network usage etc.
The difference between star and delta connection are following;
The terminals of the three branches are connected to a common point and the network formed is known as star connection.The three branches of network are collected in such a way that it form a closed loop.The starting and the finishing point that is the similar ends of the three coil are connected together.
The end of the each coil is connected to the starting point of the other coil that mean the opposite terminal of the coil are connected together. Neutral or the star point exist in the star connection .Neutral point does exist in the delta connection.

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