Difference between Java and Python

Java and Python, both languages happen to be high level programming languages. While java works on OOPS methodology that is ‘write once and run anywhere’ which makes it unique in nature. On the other hand python adopted design philosophy of ‘writing less code’, making 3-5 times less shorter than codes in java. Therefore enables users with much more ease and readability. So, we can say if to step in world of programming, learning python first can be a GOOD CHOICE!

The major difference between java and python is that java compiler convert5s java source code into intermediate code called bytecode but python compiler converts python source code into machine code line by line.

Other differences on the following basis:

  1. SYNTAX: Java uses C like syntax while python uses syntax based on off side rule. Moreover coding in java is bit longer as compared to python. Usage of curly braces is mandatory in java else it wont work but on other side python uses indentation which aids in increasing readability.
  2. SPEED: In this field, java counterparts python because python is considered slower as types are assumed at run time creating extra work for interpreter.
  3. DATABASE ACCESS: Considering python, its database access layers are weaker due to which it isn’t used in enterprises rarely, and used in critical database applications.
  4. LEVEL OF EASE: Java is so verbose that it takes some time to get use to it compartatively to python which is easy to use, read and consumes less time and space.

Talking about “JAVA”, it is ‘robust’ as it has strong memory management, lack of pointer pointer that avoids security problems. Also it has automatic garbage collection which helps in to get rid of objects that are not to be used by java anymore. Moreover, it is architecturally neutral that is no implementation of dependent features takes place. Further, it is dynamic language causing dynamic loading of classes and it runs inside a virtual machine sandbox.

On contrary to java, “PYTHON” is an expressive language and interpreted language as it executes code line by line substancially, making debugging easier. Additionally, being an cross-platform language it is broadly used in windows, linux, unix, macintosh and so on. It has large and broad liberary and provides rich set of modules and functions for rapid application development. Furthermore, graphical user interface can be developed by python. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with other coding languages.

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