Windows 8 is the latest, best version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS). The OS delivers awesome user experience on mobile devices – such as tablets. It gives you the ability to synchronize apps & settings across multiple devices (such as your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), and delivers great touch-screen experience. Learn to develop apps with this platform that is setting new standards of performance & security, around the world!
Learn basic, essential & advanced levels in HTML5/ CSS3/ Javascript/ programming and get hands-on experience in developing Windows Apps!

Course Highlights:

  • online portal that adds to your classroom learning experience
  • Create style, add animations & advanced graphics to HTML5 pages & make them adaptable to different devices & form factors
  • Learn to add interactivity to an HTML5 page by using JavaScript
  • Create the user interface layout & structure
  • Create UI & use data binding to present data in the UI
  • Design & implement contracts such as search, share & settings
  • Brand the Windows Store App & improve the loading experience with a splash screen
  • Use various storage mechanisms, choose a suitable caching strategy, create custom controls, extend template controls, and create & consume WinMD components
  • Discover device capabilities, interact with devices & act upon sensor data
  • Implement windows store trial licensing and in-app purchasing & advertising

Course covers:

Working with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript


IT (Graduates/ Undergraduates/ College students), Engineers & Working professionals