Information technology has become very immensely popular these days. It‘s getting updated day by day. Each and every student must learn them as the field of IT is growing on a rapid pace. Students always face the problem after 12th about their choice of career options. No doubt there are many options available for students. Infowiz a Software Solution provides best professional courses to students after 12th.Through these courses students can enter into the IT Industry and earn the salary package that starts from 10k to range of lakhs it’s depending upon the technical skills and experience.

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Are you confused about job oriented courses after 12th?

Infowiz Industry Pvt. Ltd is the best place for your bright future in the field of IT Sector. We offer best professional and job oriented computer courses after 12th in Chandigarh. Technical knowledge is more important to bag a job in IT field than to get engineering degrey Infowiz a Software Solution provides many computer courses where you can enhance your technical skills and 100% job assistance. India is fast growing country in IT field where technology and knowledge about computer is very essential in daily need. So Infowiz Industry Pvt. Ltd. provides the best job oriented courses in IT Sector after 12th. Listed below are various courses of computer:-

Animation & VFX

Animation is the process in which images are used for illusion of motion and it is a part of graphics. Animation courses are very in demand nowadays. Mostly students chooses this and want to specialization in this course. So we provide 1-year diploma in animation and VFX. After the course the students have so many career options. These are:-

  • VFX Professional
  • film Animation
  • Visual Effects Experts
  • Trainer
  • Creative Head

Web Designing and Development

Web designing and development is short term course for 3 months, 6 months but it may also expand to 1-year as Diploma course. This field is very popular because now a days each and every thing is possible through website. So in this field there are many career opportunities. These are:-

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • UEX Designer
  • Graphic Designer

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a short term course where you can enhance your knowledge in computer language. In this course you will have to gain basic knowledge about computer language after that you can easily learn other languages. It helps to establish your career in field Software Development.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a latest technology in a marketing field. With the help of digital marketing we enhance our business and provides the best marketing services in our surroundings.
After the completion of courses there are many career options. These are:-

  • Digital Marketer
  • Online Brand Management Professional
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Professional
  • SEO Consultant
  • Digital Marketing instructor

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing gives you a platform to describe your creativity level. If you want to bright your future in the field of graphics then you can choose the Graphic Designing courses. This course provides career options which are given below:-

  • Graphic Designer
  • Brand identity Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Printing Specialist

Mobile Application Development

Now a days we are totally dependent upon the mobile phones.We rapidly used mobile applications for our routine life such as business transactions, social media, marketing and so on. So App Development is highly in demand. So mobile application development courses is great career options, which are:-

  • Application Designer
  • User interface Designer
  • App Tester
  • Application Developer
  • Entrepreneur

CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drawing)

Computer Aided Design and Drawing courses are beneficial for those who are interested in the field of technical designing like Car Design, Jewellery Design and Mechanical tools.

MS Office Certification Program

Mostly used application of MS Office are- MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint. MS Office is the basic course in computer field. MS Office is used in various field like Schools, Hospitals, Colleges, Industry and Restaurants.

Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering courses are related to computer hardware like CPU, Monitor, Keyboard etc. You have many career option after the hardware engineering courses in service station, private computer related firm.