CNC – Milling Programming

The course covers complete understanding of the basics of CNC programming for milling Machines. Classes start with a view that includes Motion Axis, coordinates and absolute and incremental movements in detailed explanations of the codes-G. Code groups, commands “modal”, Cutter Compensation, canned cyles and more which are described below.


Module 1:

  • Basic Machining Centre Principles
  • Different   Models of Machine and Controls
  • Operating   Principles (Vertical & Horizontal)
  • (VMC & HMC)
  • Basic Components of the machine (Spindle, drives, Measuring   systems, Encoders &   Ball Screws, pallets)


Module 2:

  • Basic Machining Introduction-
  • Difference   between NC & CNC Systems
  • Open Loop &    Closed loop control system
  • Control Modes (point to point, straight, Contouring Control)
  • Power supply

Module 3:

  • Machining Centre Coordinate System
  • Planes (G17, G18, G19)
  • Coordinate System (Absolute, increment, &Polar)
  • G90 G91G16 G15

Module 4:

  • Programming methods of   CNC Machining Centers
  • NC related   Dimensioning (Absolute & Incremental)
  • Polar Coordinates
  • Programming   Languages
  • (ISO/NC Programming)
  • Different   Programming   words(N,G,M,T,S,F,X,Y,Z, A,B,C, i, j, k)

Module 5:

  • Understanding the Codes
  • Modal & Non Modal Codes
  • Explanation of G00, G01, G02 and G03
  • Plane   Selection
  • M00, M01, M02, M03, M04, M05, M06, M08, M30

Module 6:


  • Manual   Machine   Controls
  • Different   Keys
  • Different Switches (Emergency, Reset, Cycle Start, Speed & feed   Override, Jog)

Module 7:

Understanding of

  • feed rate (mm/min, m. m per revolution)
  • G94 & G95
  • Depth of cut-speed/rpm(S)
  • Surface Speed Vc

Module 8:

  • Coordinates & Directions   of   Movement
  • Signs   of   Coordinates (X, Y, Z)
  • Direction Of movement
  • Machine Zero &   Program Zero