Infowiz is providing the training in Cloud Computing which  is one of the most advanced technology in the IT sector. Cloud Computing is going to create lots of jobs in the market in the coming years.The companies in Cloud Computing offer their services on three models.

 Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS )

Platform as a Service ( PaaS )

Software as a Service ( SaaS )

1. Cloud Computing

  • Introduction

o    Evolution of Cloud Computing

o    What is Cloud Computing?

o    Cloud Computing Architecture

o    Cloud Characteristics

o    Features of Cloud

o    Cloud Components- IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

o    Cloud Types

  • Cloud Landscape and major cloud service providers

o    Brief overview of major Cloud Service providers –Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Microsoft, VMware.

o    How Companies are using Cloud Computing

o    Cloud Computing Risks and Issues

2. Going Briefly into Cloud

  • Brief Cloud components or Service Models

o    IaaS – Functioning, Architecture

o    PaaS– Functioning, Architecture

o    SaaS – Functioning, Architecture

  • Brief – Cloud types

o    Public Cloud – Overview, Features & Examples

o    Private Cloud – Overview, Features & Examples

o    Hybrid Cloud – Overview, Features & Examples

3. Networking Concepts used in Cloud Computing

  • Vlan
  • Protocols
  • IP Network Classes
  • Switching
  • Bandwidth
  • Advances in Networking and Processing Speeds that Led to Cloud Computing

o    Networking Developments

o    Increased Processing Speeds


  • SSL
  • VPN
  • Products and services provided by cloud computing companies.

4. Storage Options for Cloud Computing

Storage Capacity

o    Data Protection and partitioning

o    NAS

o    SAN

  • Redundancy

o    Replication

o    Multisiting

  • Backup and Recovery

5. Virtualization

  • Student Virtualization Architectures

o    Hypervisor

o    Virtualization as the “Operating System”

o    Virtualization with a Host Operating System

  • Virtualization Types

o    Type 1 Virtualized Environment

o    Type 2 Virtualized Environment

  • Different Companies offering Virtualization Environments

o    VMware Workstation

o    Microsoft Virtualization

o    Linux/UNIX Virtualization

  • Hands-On of Virtualization Product (VMware)

6. Cloud Monitoring and Management using VMware Product.

  • Typical architecture of private cloud and leading software solutions for implementing private cloud.
  • VMware vSphere suite Introduction and Hands-On for Creating Cloud
  • Some major components that Suite includes are:

o    ESX

o    vSphere Client

o    vCenter Server

  • Planning and Designing of Private Cloud
  • Introduction &Hands-On on Microsoft Product.
  • This includes:

o    Hyper-v installation

o    Prerequisites of hyper-v installation

o    How to manage hyper-v

7. Cloud Platforms

o    Introduction to Microsoft Azure

o    Introduction to Salesforce Cloud

o    Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)