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CATIA implies computer-aided three-tier interactive assembly. CATIA software is widely being used in all industries and is considered as the backbone of the industry. Catia is a multi-platform software ideally used in designing, engineering, and manufacturing. The main areas where Catia is being immensely used in the Automobile, Aeronautical industry, Industrial machinery, and even Consumer Goods. Catia training institute in Chandigarh Infowiz is the best place for providing training on Catia through our mechanical experts who have vast experience in the Mechanical and Automobile industry. The enriched experience of our trainers combined with your practical skills will pave for the ideal path of success for your career growth. Catia training in Chandigarh on the latest and advanced tools and technologies are best improvised at Infowiz where practical knowledge is being induced amongst the learners in order to turn them into professionals.

CATIA certification course in Chandigarh from our organization will ensure that the trainee is fully equipped with the complete knowledge of Catia tools which will differentiate you from the others. As the companies are always on the outlook of professionals in this field, a certified holder has an edge in better job opportunities. Catia internship in Chandigarh empowered by our organization helps you in providing new horizons to your career.


Best 6 months/weeks Industrial Training in CATIA in Chandigarh/ Mohali/ Bathinda

As one is aware of the fact that Catia software is the backbone of any industry as on today and the Catia’s 3D designing and engineering are highly efficient and innovative. With the use of Catia, software one can come up with better results with high accuracy and precision. CATIA software is ideally suitable where the complex designing of the product is to be carried on. Best 6 months/weeks industrial training in CATIA in Chandigarh from Infowiz where our team of expert developers provides for the optimum and best hands-on practical training in Catia. Getting trained from the experienced and experts, one can develop upon his skills to the maximum which is need of the hour as on today. With the complete know-how of 3D designing in Catia and knowhow of various tools, one can enhance his skills to a great extent. Best six months/weeks industrial training in CATIA in Punjab provided by our organization where you can start learning of advanced and complex designing.


Why choose Infowiz for CATIA Training in Punjab

Infowiz being the leaders and pioneers in improvising quality industrial training among the learners in order to enhance upon the practical skills in the individual. At our company, we have expert designers who are enriched with vast experience in providing the optimum and best solutions to the industry as far as the complex designs are concerned. Moreover, well-equipped labs and infrastructure at our organization provide practical on-hands training on the latest and advanced tools in Catia. Best Catia industrial training in Chandigarh through our organization will help the individual tremendously in achieving great heights in one’s career.



CATIA Industrial Training – Course Content

Catia user interface and settings

  • CATIA V5 operators access the best performance for unique highly developed systems with dedicated solutions.
  • They will steer into experienced engineering as well as sophisticated high-tech, depending upon exclusive and also extremely professional applications that incorporate product and also process details.

Parametric modeling utilizing CATIA v5

  • Capability to improve the model by utilizing parameters, that is the capability to improve drawings which drives a pad, or another characteristic.

Manipulating items and objects in Catia

  • Manipulate the graphic presentation with such type of operations as rotation and also translation Preparing drawings.

Creating sketches in Catia Design Environment

  • Constructing a Placed Sketch, Positioning, origin and so on.

Exploding the assembly

  • How you can explode an assembly looking at the assembly constraints.

Design view generation

  • Generate drawings from 3D component and also assembly designs

Bill of component

  • This job will highlight how you can put Bill of Material information into the active view

Part Construction and design in Catia.

  • Develop complex parts with exceptionally productive and also impressive modeling in an instinctive Sketched focused features, Design characteristics, etc.

Updating parts in CATIA Design Environment

  • Enhancing the parameters of a component and also modifying parameters of sketch
  • Layout table and external file folder management, Saving of the document

Component Assembly in Catia Design Environment

  • Create an assembly beginning with scratch, utilizing assembly constraints, making a coincidence constraint, Repairing a component, Placement components, Modifying components in assembly, Exploding the assembly etc.

Generative sheet metal Design

  • This course will tell you how you can build a sheet metal part using associative feature-based modeling


  • Build material texture definitions permit creative designers to produce layout families and also arrange the material’s understanding, comprises of a library of predefined material, provides you with the choices of making use textures and also render textures illustrations or photos in real time.
  • Geometric Dimensioning and also Tolerancing is a method for describing and also communicating engineering tolerances.
  • It makes use of a symbolic language on engineering drawings and also computer-generated three-dimensional solid models that specifically represents small geometry and also their permitted variation

Future Scope of CATIA

CATIA has an immense market and having the world’s leading solution for product plan and development. It is being used through main groups in a couple of industries, business, companies, OEMs etc. A portion of the orders, CATIA is having abilities in; Consumer Packaged Goods, Mechanical Engineering, Model Based definition, Composites Engineering, Sheet steel Design Engineering, Fastener Design Engineering, Plastic Part & Mold Design Engineering, Electrical Systems, Fluid Engineering, AEC Engineering, Machine and Equipment Design Engineering, Transport and Mobility Engineering, High Tech Engineering, Knowledge Engineering and Marine and Offshore-Source Dassault.


CATIA Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

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