Car Fuel Savers – Convert Your Automobile to Run on Water

If you’re a car owner, your biggest problem currently is that the high fuel prices at the local pump station. With the worldwide supply of petroleum is limited and therefore the increasing world demand, the costs of gasoline are predicted to travel higher within the near future. Your option now’s to either sell your car and use public transportation or improve the mileage of your automobile. To enhance mileage, you’d need to source for solution. What are the simplest car fuel savers?

The water has potential to be used as an energy source for cars. We cannot use pure water because it’s not combustible. However, we will use one among the weather of water which is hydrogen gas (H2) as a supplementary fuel source for cars. From elementary science, we all know water is that the product of two molecules of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen thus its name H2O. By using an electrolysis device to extract H2 from water, it is often wont to fuel our cars.

The concept is to vent the hydrogen gas collected into the engine air intake system. The approach is analogous to injecting laughing gas into the engine to spice up power output. By delivering H2 into the combustion chamber, it’ll mix with conventional gasoline vapor. The gas mixture will produce a stronger explosion when ignited because hydrogen gas is far stronger than fuel. Theoretically, when a car is using an equivalent amount of gas and has a high engine output, the vehicle will travel further hence increasing its mileage. Improve mileage is adequate for cost-saving.

A hydrogen car fuel saver kit is often installed quite easily. Anyone with some basic car maintenance skills can do the conversion. All you would like is a few tools and an honest instructional guide. Most of the guides are available on the web.

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