It has been 4 days that the ‘Business Tychoon’ i.e Owner and founder of CCD, Mr VG Siddhartha committed Suicide in Manglore Commonly renowned as “COFFEE KING” across the Globe. The dead body of 59 years old Entrepreneur was found washed ashore in Netravati river in Karnataka.

In his last letter written on 27th July to the Board of Directors and Employees of CCD, the ‘COFFEE KING’ revealed that he feels very sorry to let down all the people that had put trust in him. I fought for a long time but today I am giving up as I cannot take any more pressure. The letter revealed that Siddhartha was in deep Debt. The Mountain of debt stated that “COFFEE KING” was under Tremendous Pressure from the Lenders and ‘Harassment’ from the IT Officials as the debt was to the tune of more than 6547 Cr and this pressure prompted him to take such a Drastic and Extreme step of ‘suicide’.

Meanwhile, the ‘Mysterious’ Death of VG Sidhartha has evoked different response from various Political Parties who have started throwing ‘Mud’ on ruling Party Starting that the ruling Party has failed to protect the Interest of a Common Person.

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