Best Company for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh

Best Company for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh / Mohali / Bathinda

Best Company for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh


Best Company for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh

Talking in general terms; Machine Learning is a core area of Artificial intelligence. Like human beings do machine learning various applications do the same thing. Without direct programming these applications learn, change and develop themselves on their own. Machine learning is immensely helpful in the development of computer programs that can access the data and use it for their learning. The best example one can quote is of Google Self Driven Cars. The best organization for Machine Learning Training in Chandigarh.

Best Company for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh. INFOWIZ where our team of experts from the industry, enriched with knowledge and experience will provide hands-on practical on Machine Learning ( from basics concepts to advanced applications ) so that one can plan up building of one’s career in this growing field. Act Fast and enroll for  Machine Learning course in Chandigarh where your skills will be enhanced upon in this never-ending field of Machine Learning.

Why Artificial Intelligence is Needed?

In this modern era of changing technology, the need for human labour is at diminishing stages. The space so vacant is occupied by machines. AI has drastically altered the functioning in all spheres in the Organization mainly health care, manufacturing sector, retail sector as well as banking and financial sector.

Today, broadly speaking, AI has taken over the humans by a storm. With the help of AI, what earlier used to take days and months for completing an assignment it has become just a matter of a few hours and that too with more accuracy. As a result of which pilferage, wastage has been reduced to a great extent and AI has proved to be a boon for today’s Industry and Economy. Increased productivity, more accuracy, less wastage, time-saving has been possible only with the use of AI.

Best 6 Months/Weeks Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

 If you are looking for career development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, then plan a visit to the  best AI industrial training company in Chandigarh. INFOWIZ as it is the one-stop destination for all your concerns and queries regarding career growth and opportunities in Artificial Intelligence. Here, we will provide you practical implementation of the skills required to be successful in the AI field. The practical knowledge in AI from our Organization will ensure that you will always excel in the field you have opted in your career.

Infowiz is the Best Company for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh

Artificial Intelligence (AI) now a day’s is an upcoming field promising high growth for the deserving Candidate. Becoming an expert in this field offers a great Career with attractive offers in MNC’s Corporate all over the world. At Infowiz we develop the necessary skills required to become a Machine learning/ Artificial Intelligence Engineer and learn how to build and deploy the industrial projects like Gesture Recognition, creation of chatbot etc.

We improvise the Top skills amongst Candidate with the help of which the candidate can easily grasp Model Deployment, Deep learning Reinforcement, learning along with Solid foundation in Predictive Analytics.  Best artificial intelligence training company in Chandigarh Where we take your skills to the next generation level and one can easily give a kick start to one’s career as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, AI Architecture, Business Analyst and Product Analyst.


Machine Learning is a massive future promising scope. It ordinarily focuses on neural-network statistics processing algorithms. Artificial Intelligence additionally performs a big function in this discipline by using being phase a big phase of the algorithms of machine learning. In the close future, we will have the option to deny that a PC doesn’t have IQ. Best Company for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh. For now, many motion pictures in the past have delineated this idea, for example, TERMINATOR 2(Hollywood Movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Endhiran (South Indian film featuring Rajnikanth)

Machine Learning Industrial Training - Course Content

Requirements – Core Basics of Python required for Machine Learning :

  • Setup Python PyCharm IDE
  • Variable Types & Basic Operators
  • Decision Making & Loops
  • Numbers and Strings
  • Lists, Tuples and Dictionary
  • Functions & Modules
  • File I/O & Directories
  • Exception handling
  • Python Slice and Slicing
  • Classes and Self
  • Class Constructor & Destructor
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism

Machine Learning

  • Introduction Machine Learning
  • Installing R and R Studio
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Regression and it’s Types
  • Classification (Logistic Regression, Etc)
  • Clustering
  • Association Rule Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Machine Learning API
  • Prediction based ML Projects
  • Final Project

MACHINE LEARNING / AI Course Fee and Duration

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This is an approximate course fee and duration for MACHINE LEARNING / AI. Please contact our team for current MACHINE LEARNING / AI course fee and duration. Best Company for Artificial Intelligence Training in Chandigarh CONTACT US


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