Industrial Training in Industrial Automation

Almost every manufacturing company is adopting industrial automation to survive in highly competitive market. So all these companies required trained engineers for design and maintained the automation process mean high requirement of automation Engineers all over the globe.
EDPTI has designed the training programs which fulfill the requirements of the company in the field of industrial automation. We provide the practical and professional training on latest hardware and software which fulfill the need of candidate or professionals.
EDPTI has number of training program as per candidate requirements.
Our training program includes Programmable logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), Field Instrumentation, Panel Designing, Sensors and instrumentation Designing.
Instrument Indexing etc.

  • PLC Module
  • HMI Module
  • SCADA Module
  • Drive Module
  • Instrumentation & Sensors
  • Panel Design Module
  • Communication Module
  • Instrumentation Design
  • Design Requirements


INFOWIZ Automation Division is specialised in implementation of Siemens , Allen Bradley , Schinder , Mitsubishi PLC and Automation systems. INFOWIZ Automation and Embedded Systems division has Developed indigenously INFOWIZ PLC both HARDWARE and Software.
INFOWIZ Automations provides consultancy , Engineering solutions , and system integration services for Industrial Automation projects to various industries in India and abroad.Today’s world revolves around high technology & most companies have invested substantially in Automated Plant . Most manufacturing companies are looking for competent engineers with basic aptitude towards automation and ability to work on varied brands of PLCs, Drives, MMI and SCADA. High level of technical skills are required to keep it going in operations &maintenance.We are based in Chandigarh and we have been conducting PLC Automation training since 2 years . Our Centre in Chandigarh holds regular batches for college students ,freshers and industry professionals every month. We also provide tailor made training for specific areas of technology.Over the last few years INFOWIZ Automations has developed a well accepted training methods which helps participants in understanding the basic concepts in automation apart from updates on latest technologies. Our training comprises of 50% theory and 50% Practical’s along with animations to explain students very easily the Core topics .We are known for providing quality training which is effective in upgrading the knowledge and skill set of our participant. We also provide trained manpower in plcautomation .

    • Introduction to INFOWIZ PLC software and ease to acess
    • Introduction to different plc software’s
    • Rules to write the programs and basic concepts in addressing
    • practical experience over different demo industries like :- 1)Vader Machine 2) Paint Industry 3) bottle filling and counting system 4) Lift application etc.
    • Code download techniques PC to PLC and Upload

techniques PLC to PC

  • Panel Designing and Development using standard rules
  • work experience over high class study over washing plant ,bottle filling and labelling, conveyor belt and counting system etc
  • troubleshooting and fault finding in plc programming and hardware troubleshooting
  • Need of SCADA and its introduction
  • best software availability for scada
  • INFOWIZ SCADA system
  • Handling Analog as well as digital input outputs
  • Graphics Design and development in SCADA
  • Remote supervision through SCADA and Control
  • Sending and receiving Data over internet etc many more concept will be cleared during PLC training in chandiga


SCADA Training in Chandigarh

  • Introduction to SCADA ,its need and Industrial Requirements
  • Introduction to various SCADA hardware as well as software’s in the market
  • Introduction to Netmax SCADA hardware and software
  • user friendly SCADA environment and accessing its components
  • workspace creation and study of different parameters
  • Accessing Digital input and outputs
  • Accessing Analog input and control on scada hardware as well as software
  • Accessing DAC input and control on scada hardware as well as software
  • IP addressing of SCADA
  • sending data over internet
  • receiving data over internet
  • SENSOR interfacing with DAC Factory like(Humidity, Temperature and Light Sensor) by using these sensors you can measure physical environmental conditions and calibrate and show on screen in digital and analog values.
  • Switches, Connectors interface with DAC Factory.
  • LED’s, Relays, Buzzer, interface with DAC Factory.
  • log generation and trending
  • alert generation and many more live examples like tank filling ,powder mixing and plant supervision etc.