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Best Automation Industrial Training Company in Chandigarh| Mohali|Bathinda

As the name suggests – automation means automatic which implies any process undertaken, and operated upon with the help of either electronic device or mechanical device without involving the human effort. Today’s era is of modernization and conceptualization and the innovation of new technology and types of equipment has reduced human efforts to a great extent and the machines have taken charge of human beings. Today we can’t think of the world without automation – be it industries, organizations, factories, units, plants, companies, home, automation has been the key factor in optimizing quality, reduced human efforts and with greater accuracy. Best automation training institute in Chandigarh – Infowiz where our trained and experts from the industry impart quality know-how and practical skills among the trainees in order to make them successful automation experts. Automation certification course in Chandigarh empowered at our organization ensures the quality skills being imparted in the candidate so that they can successfully launch their career in any industry, company, organization at later part of their career.

The automation course in Chandigarh at our organization is being designed by the experts from the industry and the teaching methodology at our organization is entirely different and superior from what others are providing. Automation training company in Chandigarh – the best place to learn and develop your skills is Infowiz where we leave no stone unturned to shape your career as an Automation expert.

6 months/weeks Industrial Training on Automation in Chandigarh/Mohali and Bathinda 

Infowiz is the one-stop destination where you can enhance your practical skills required to cope up with this competitive environment and can give your career a flying start. At our organization, we are committed to improvising the quality knowledge and technical skills enhance in order to transform you as an expert in the Automation field. 6 months automation industrial training in Chandigarh – provided at our organization will lend a helping hand to you in getting your dream job by imparting the skills in you which are required and demanded by the industry giants as on today. Six months/weeks automation industrial training in Punjab – provided in our organization will be immensely beneficial for you in turning your career goal into a reality and getting placement opportunities in the organization of repute.

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Why Choose Infowiz for Automation Training in Punjab

We are positioned at the top of the ladder among the various companies providing Automation training. But it’s always beneficial to learn and acquire the practical skills from the company only. We, at Infowiz, are having expertise in brainstorming and molding state of the art practical skills required to make your presence felt in the organization. A best Automation training company in Punjab i.e. Infowiz where the training and skills imparted in the candidate ensures of his capabilities in becoming professional in the Automation Arena.

  • PLC Module
  • HMI Module
  • SCADA Module
  • Drive Module
  • Instrumentation & Sensors
  • Panel Design Module
  • Communication Module
  • Instrumentation Design
  • Design Requirements


PLC refers to the “Programmable logic controller”. It is the tool widely used in industries all over the world. PLC is an advanced industrial digital computer designed for controlling the process of manufacturing. About 3 decades back, the human used to work for long hours on the industrial machines to get the desired result which was enough time consuming with increased chances of wastage, pilferage but due to change in technology, the computers, and supercomputers have taken over the industries by storm. PLC training course in Chandigarh designed by our team of experienced and experts from the top industries will make you familiar with the essential tools used in PLC. We at Infowiz are striving to impact the quality skills required to becoming a professional in this field. PLC training company in Chandigarh i.e. Infowiz through which you can immensely learn the essential tools required in PLC and become an expert PLC developer as PLC has become an integral part of the industrial environment process as on today. PLC industrial training for 6 months/weeks from Infowiz will make you fully skilled on the latest and advanced PLC devices and tools which will enhance your chances of being getting placed in the topmost industries/companies of repute and will give a kick start to your career.

    • Introduction to INFOWIZ INDUSTRY PVT.LTD. PLC software and ease to acess
    • Introduction to different plc software’s
    • Rules to write the programs and basic concepts in addressing
    • practical experience over different demo industries like :- 1)Vader Machine 2) Paint Industry 3) bottle filling and counting system 4) Lift application etc.
    • Code download techniques PC to PLC and Upload

SCADA Training in Chandigarh

Scada donates as supervisory control and data acquisition as clear from its name SCADA system are primarily used for gathering, controlling and monitoring the entire process in plant or industry. SCADA is the most powerful tool and is widely used in telecommunications, waste control management, energy generation, oil and gas refining, and transportation industries. SCADA training company in Chandigarh i.e. Infowiz where we help you to master the art of SCADA engineer and become professional in this ever-growing field. At our organization, our experts train you to perfection so that you can enhance your skills and give a kick start your career; Scada training in Chandigarh improvised by Infowiz will open up ample job opportunities for a skilled engineer right from energy production sector to the agriculture sector. There are enormous applications in the real-world where SCADA is being used effectively and providing optimum solutions to the various industries all over the globe.

  • Introduction to SCADA ,its need and Industrial Requirements
  • Introduction to various SCADA hardware as well as software’s in the market
  • Introduction to Netmax SCADA hardware and software
  • user friendly SCADA environment and accessing its components
  • workspace creation and study of different parameters
  • Accessing Digital input and outputs
  • Accessing Analog input and control on scada hardware as well as software
  • Accessing DAC input and control on scada hardware as well as software
  • IP addressing of SCADA
  • sending data over internet
  • receiving data over internet
  • SENSOR interfacing with DAC Factory like(Humidity, Temperature and Light Sensor) by using these sensors you can measure physical environmental conditions and calibrate and show on screen in digital and analog values.
  • Switches, Connectors interface with DAC Factory.
  • LED’s, Relays, Buzzer, interface with DAC Factory.
  • log generation and trending
  • alert generation and many more live examples like tank filling ,powder mixing and plant supervision etc.


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