Artificial intelligence (AI) means transforming the intelligence level of the human beings into machines so that the program in the machine so installed starts thinking and following “The action of human minds”.


When one comes across the word ‘AI’ immediately the robots come into the mind of an individual, but AI is much more broadened than that term of the robot. AI is based on the perception that the machine can easily mimic human intelligence and can execute various tasks (from a simple task to complex task) which the human being can do.




AI technology has been successfully applied in various sectors and industries which have shown tremendous results. Some of the fields where AI is commonly being used are:-


  • HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY: –AI is being useful for different treatment in patients, dosing the right drug to the patient, for surgical process in the OT also.


  • AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY:-AI has been useful to the automobile industry too. Take the care of self-driven car-the computer system installed in the self-driven car is computing and controlling in such a manner that prevent collision and accidents.


  • FINANCIAL SECTOR:- The uses of AI are very popular in the financial sector as it helps detect fraudulent activities which are of great help to the banking sector and other trading agencies.


  • ASTRONOMY – Sounds strange but true fact. The implementation of AI in the field of astronomy has proven that the calculations carried by AI can have accurate predictions than scientists and human beings. AI can be very helpful in understanding our entire universe in a better way as to what we know a bit.


  • CONSTRUCTION SECTOR:-Ai based applications are widely been used in the construction sector also as Ai can suggest the ideal and better design for structures and buildings and can recommend the best safety features to ensure our lives.


  • AGRICULTURE SECTOR: – In India,65% of the population is depending upon agriculture occupation. The technology of Ai will be quite useful to understand timely planting the crops, using fertilizers, about harvesting and of course the climatic conditions. The farmers are ready to adopt the new technologies of Ai for getting the maximum benefit from there yield.
  • EDUCATION SECTOR: – Ai has played a significant role in upgrading the level of education especially in Countries like India. Ai has made our education simpler and smarter and has created a perfect learning environment.


AI Revolution in the E-commerce Industries 


It has been proved that more than 70% of business houses are using Ai tools in one form or the other out of which 80% think and admit that with the help of Ai tools, their sales volume has shown an upward growth trend.


There are various modes of using Ai for our business like:- 


  • Share the Customer service experience with their chat-bots, e-mails, etc to provide more information to your sales force.
  • Send automated e-mails and response which are based on the client’s Interaction and information so provided.
  • Learn more about your prestigious clients and how to market to them more effectively.
  • Listen as to what people say about your brand online to help you to respond to the various comments, reviews, and questions.


Well, these are a few examples as to how the Organizations and businesses use AI to help you and reach out to their customers in a better way. As we have observed that the use of Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized our whole think tank, the future no doubt belongs to Artificial Intelligence and one can enhance one’s Growth opportunities in the field of AI by sharpening one’s skills. If you are looking Artificial Intelligence training programs in Chandigarh, Infowiz is right place for you where you can enhance your skills in development in AI as ample job opportunities are waiting for skilled professionals.

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