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Arduino is an open-source (free to use) electronic platform which is designed to make the electronics more user-friendly for artists, designers and for individuals who are keen to create different and unique objects in the electronics field. Arduino manufactures single-board Microcontrollers and kits for building digital devices. Arduino course in Chandigarh provided at Infowiz is a One-Stop-Shop where you learn and practically implement the circuit board design and the software programming essential for the launching of the new Arduino project. In our Organization, the learning starts from the basic fundamentals and up to advance level so as to make one self-thorough professional. Arduino certification course in Chandigarh provided by our Organization officially will certify the users on different levels whereby it is confirmation of one’s expertise in the key potential area. 

Arduino Training in Chandigarh imparted by our trained and experts Developers will improvise the basics and core concepts in Embedded Systems, introduction to electronic components, sensors, devices and their interfacing to be clean and better understanding of the associated tools and kits used in Arduino. We undertake every trainee to practically learn the Arduino programming language and write one’s own sketches. Arduino Training Institute in Chandigarh the best place for your skills development is infowiz where we lay the foundation of a solid and strong base of one’s career to transform the beginner into expert and professional. 

Best 6 months/weeks Arduino Industrial Training in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

In order to develop your career as an Arduino Expert, It is essential that one must acquire the necessary skills required to compete with the ever-changing demands in this Competitive Industry. For acquiring the essential and required skills learn for the leaders and pioneers in this Arena i.e. Infowiz where we practically induce the required skills in you to make you perfect. Best 6 months Arduino industrial training in Chandigarh from our Organization to enable you to enhance your skills set in designing, programming various unique and different applications and improve the reliability of oneself being getting placed in the Organization of Repute at the later stage in one’s career. Best six months/weeks Arduino industrial training in Punjab – from Infowiz where you master skill of this Art and learn practically on how to use IOT cloud and Amazon Alexa to interact with your sensor, automatic attendance logging for school students and even the measurement of dew point and humidity with the help of chilled mirror hygrometer. This type of learning is only at Infowiz.

Why Infowiz is Best for Arduino Training in Punjab

If you want to learn Arduino programming from scratch, develop and create unique objects, than you are at the right place at Infowiz as we lay the foundation what you require to create and build complex and Arduino programs in near future. Best Arduino training in Chandigarh only from our Organization where we unleash your capabilities and skills in mastering. Arduino programming by building real-world applications as in our organization the course is designed from basics to advance level of creation of electronic projects with Arduino by in-depth know-how of type of sensor and Components, understanding principals of Microcontrollers, understanding of Analog and various inputs and outputs. 

ARDUINO Industrial Training – Course Content

  • Hardware interfacing and Programming In embedded c of following External and On Chip Devices with AVR
    micro controllers :Led (using PORTS as Output)
  • Matrix keyboard
  • LCD Display System
  • Seven segment display
  • Switch ( Using PORTS as input)
  • Introduction To Different AVR mic
  • DC motor (Speed and Direction Control)
  • Stepper Motor (Speed and Direction Control)
  • Machine Code Burning Techniques and Softwares
  • The RISC architecture of AVR family’s micro controller
  • Pin Detail of Atmega8515,ATmega8535,ATmega8, Atmega16 etc.
  • Microcontrollers ( Atmega8515,ATmega8535,ATmega8, Atmega16 etc.)
  • Programming in Embedded C and different Embedded C compilers
  • Relay (To control Switching of AC devices e.g. Bulb, Fan, Heater etc.)
  • Difference between MC-51 (CISC) & AVR (RISC) family of microcontrollers
  • Digital to Analog converters
  • I2C based Serial Real Time clock (DS1307)
  • Interfacing of different types of sensors
  • AVR Microcontroller based Project Development
  • Single Chanel Analog to Digital Convertor(ADC0804)
  • Multichannel Analog to Digital Convertor (adc809)
  • Design and Testing of AVR family Microcontroller Evaluation Board
  • Programming and Practical implementation of on-chip Analog Comparator
  • Programming and Practical implementation of On-chip Timer & Counter
  • Programming and Practical implementation Hardware and Software Interrupts
  • Serial communication b/w microcontroller and PC & b/w Two micro-controller
  • PWM generation using on-chip PWM generator and its practical implementation
  • Programming and Practical implementation of On-chip Multichannel Analog to digital Convertor (Atmega8535, Atmega8. Atmega16)

ARDUINO Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

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