Best Angular JS Training Company in Chandigarh, Mohali and Bathinda

Angular JS is an extension of HTML with new features. It is a framework useful for creating dynamic web applications. With the help of Angular JS, one can create a single page application effortlessly and in a very effective and presentable manner. Angular JS is undoubtedly the most popular web framework used widely all over.

If you are on the outlook for Best Angular JS training course in Chandigarh INFOWIZ is the ideal place that has a creative team of developers who are always working on innovations in Angular JS for the betterment of powerful and effective web applications. Presently there is a high demand for developers in Angular JS in the industry and big organizations are on hiring spree of professionals in Angular JS. Angular JS Training from a reputed organization /company will immensely be beneficial in shaping up your career as a perfectionist.


Best 6 Months/ 6 Weeks Angular JS Industrial Training Company in Chandigarh/ Mohali / Bathinda

Learn Angular JS Practical implementation of various tools like SPA, DOM events from the best industrial training organization. 6 months industrial training in Angular JS in Chandigarh – At INFOWIZ who stands leaders and pioneers in providing state of the art and help you to become perfectionist as front end developer with AngularJS. At our company, we are rendering the practical know-how on the latest tools used in angular JS so that one can create his/her dynamic web applications. Give your career a flying start from the leaders of the industry where we provide best six months/weeks industrial training in Angular JS in Punjab.


Why Choose Infowiz for Angular JS Training in Punjab

If you are confused about learning JS thoroughly and looking for a place from where you can acquire the skills and become master in application development then Infowiz is the ideal place where we will provide for complete practical skills enhancement in AngularJS and help you to turn into professional. Our experienced and expert developers will impart the practical know-how of essential components of angular JS like single page application (SPA), DOM events, DOM manipulations, supporting libraries and external libraries like bootstrap and JQuery. Best Angular JS training company in Chandigarh where after completion of your certification course on angular JS, one will gain real-time expertise in developing front-end applications and all types of web applications. There is a massive demand for angular JS skilled professionals in today’s market.

Angular JS Industrial Training – Course Content


  • Introduction
  • Directive name matching
  • Creating custom directives
  • Restricting Directive Usage
  • Template expanding directive
  • compile and link functions
  • Isolate Scope
  • DOM interactions
  • Demo of built-in directives and custom directives


  • outing in Single Page Applications
  • Route Module and ngView Directive
  • Route Registration with $routeProvider
angular program

AngularJS core concepts

  • 2 way data binding
  • Angular Modules

Controller, Scopes and Views

  • Controllers, scope and rootScope
  • scope communication
  • dependency Injection

Services and Factories

  • Introduction to Services
  • Built-in Services( $http, $q, $location, $log )
  • Creating custom services
  • Demo of built-in services and creating custom services


  • Purpose of filters
  • Built-in filters (currency, date, lowercase, uppercase, number, filter )
  • Creating custom filters
  • Demo of built-in filters and creating custom filters
angular js

Creating Webserver

  • Creating web server
  • Handling http requests
  • Sending requests
angular data

Future Scope of ANGULAR JS

To make a profession in Angular JS, you ought to know, what’s its future scope. In the case of the front end, developers are managing a great deal of structure. Choosing a range of javascript frameworks is absolutely relies upon our needs. It can offer numerous necessities to clients, for example, we can make a solitary page application through it, it can be used for light-weight execution as nicely as can be used to produce the most effective solution. Therefore, we can say that due to the fact its superior features, angular have a superscope in IT Field.

ANGULAR JS Course Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course duration for ANGULAR JS. Please contact our team for the current ANGULAR JS course fee and duration. CONTACT US


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