Accidents Caused Due to Road Construction

Accidents caused by road construction and maintenance are not new to hear as it is one of the major causes of this mis-happening. Road accidents due to ongoing construction work are the result of poorly marked construction signs or presence of some stone or other such material on the road that is not clearly visible to the driver. The responsibility of such accidents is entirely on the shoulders of the authority involved in the construction of that road. It is not the fact that only person driving the vehicle is subjected to the accident because of road construction, but also the workers who are doing the construction get injured by the moving vehicle is considered under this. Hence major hazards are because of vehicle crashes, being struck due to falling objects, not so visible construction sign boards at night etc. Also road construction along with other construction is considered as one of the most dangerous land-based work to cause accident.

Tripura is one of the seven north eastern states in India where construction of roads and bridges are going on at full swing. The Border Roads Organization got the Tripura tender for the construction of National Highway from Manu in Tripura to Sairang in Mizoram. Total length of the highway is 135 Km in the state of Tripura. Also many road repair tenders have been approved by the Government of India and given to the Border Roads Organization.

Border Roads Organization was raised in 1960 for the speedy development of roads in North East parts of India by the visionary Pt Jawaharlal Nehru that. BRO is the symbol of quality and nation buildings. It has the credit of not only making and maintaining new roads but also to construct roads in the most difficult climate and terrain. The Border Roads Organization has several such credits to its hat and proudly serving the north east part of the country.

Along with this, Indian Government keeps on calling the road repair tenders for the maintenance of existing roads at different parts of the state. The repair of footpath is also considered under this and collectively it comes under Public works for Road and Building construction.

Because of such a huge road construction and development activities it is hard to say that road accidents are uncommon in this part of the country. In order to avoid road construction accidents, certain rules must be followed. These are: Construction zones must be clearly marked so that vehicles come to know about the construction from a distant place.Speed limit must be clearly defined in the construction zone to avoid such accidents. Clear and recognizable signs must be given on flaggers.Cones at construction site must be placed rightly at the beginning as well as end of the construction zone. Use reflectors at night. But if the concerned department or company has not used the signs properly and you become a victim of road construction accident then you will receive compensation. But as the name of the accident itself is very daunting so be very cautious while driving through any construction zone in any part of the world for your as well as your family’s safety.

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