6 Reason Why Java Developers should Learn HADOOP

Initially, Java was designed and developed for digital devices like set-top boxes, smart TVs. Java’s main motive of principals for java programming was simple, Robust, platform-independent, secured, high performance, object-oriented and dynamic. As of today, java is widely being used in internet programming, developing mobile games, e-business solutions, and many more fields. The syntax in java is similar to that of C, C++. Java is owned by oracle and surprisingly there are more than 3 billion devices run java. Java is easy to learn and simple to use. Moreover, it is open source and free. Java is a secure, fast and powerful language. Java is a programming language whereas core java is a computing platform. Advanced java refers to the various java applications that run on server i.e. web applications.

The scope of java developer is vast and the organizations are always on the outlook for professionals in java who can create and develop different and unique apps. Hadoop is an open-source platform built on two technologies i.e. Linux operating system and Java programming language. Truly speaking, Hadoop is built on java. Mainly Hadoop is an open-source framework written in java. The Hadoop ecosystem is designed to cater to different professionals who are from different backgrounds. There are 2 components in Hadoop that one can work upon without knowing java- Pig, and Hive; Pig is widely being used by researchers and programmers while HIVE is favorite among data analysts. Even without writing complex java code, one can develop the apps very easily using PIG. Both these languages are very easy to learn and more than 80% of Hadoop projects resolve around them. Hadoop map-reduce is a software framework for easily writing applications having enormous among of data on large clusters of commodity hardware in a relevant way. The Hadoop job client submits the job and configurations to the resources manager which further distributes the software/configuration to the workers, scheduling the tasks and monitoring them, providing status and information to the job client.

Hadoop can easily work on all platforms and that’s why it is popular among govt. organizations, online marketing, agencies, top MNC’s and financial sectors. Generally speaking Hadoop is extensively and widely being used by all the companies (be it small or large scale) and in almost all the business domains. It one is already a java developer then learning of Hadoop will immensely help to grab the best jobs in the IT industry. In case if you have java background and already a good java developer with a creative and analytic frame of mind, you will be having an edge in becoming a Hadoop developer as IT industries are on the brink of looking for professionals with both java as well as Hadoop skills. As per the recent surveys, the big data industry is growing at the rate of 35% every year, combined java skills and Hadoop skills offer you a handsome opportunity with a great package.

Following are some of the reasons as to why the java developers should learn Hadoop-:

Java is the programming language of choice for Hadoop:

To successfully implement map-reduce in Big data, Knowledge of java is of utmost essential.

Hadoop deployment is rising every day:

As a java developer, learning of Hadoop will give a boost to your career as with Hadoop one can work in a domain having wider roles and responsibilities.

Hadoop is career progression for java developers:

The thought process of java developers go on very well with the Hadoop and Big data framework and is no doubt extensions of their career also.

Java developers can be better of Hadoop developers:

If one is having expertise in java programming one can easily start the programming in Hadoop and can become a successful Hadoop developer also.

Better PAYOFFS for Hadoop Professionals:

The co’s are nowadays on the outlook for professionals who can handle both java and Hadoop development thereby offering the best knowledge and enhancement of one’s earnings.

Ample growth opportunities in other fields also:

your Hadoop development skills will lead you to move into other fields also like the field of Data Science, Machine learning and artificial intelligence.

For Java Training in Chandigarh, we provide the best learning platform for the enhancement and development of your practical skills. Also Six Months Java Training in Chandigarh is being offered b our organizations so as to make your career achieve greater heights learning Hadoop can be beneficial for developers and professionals as it will help you to deal with complex projects thereof improving your quality of likewise the technology is changing at a very rapid pace and in this era, the professionals have to keep pace with the technology in order to have better growth opportunities, Moving from java to Hadoop developer will offer you a good opportunity to excel in your career as the career in Hadoop is very promising.

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