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Infowiz, registered under Government of Indian Company Act and certified by ISO 9001:2015 with the sole aim of imparting quality industrial training and services through a unique and efficient delivery model. It has an extensive experience of training students and has been a National Award Winner for 3 consecutive years. Infowiz is North India’s leading Industrial Training Company and has evolved into a trustworthy brand in the training industry. Infowiz is located in Chandigarh and is equipped with a committed team including experts and technical trainers who ensure quality and effective training solutions.

Infowiz embarks upon a step further regarding industrial training with placements. We provide in-house training aided by a strong placement and consultancy wing. We impart industry based effective training and excellent placements by bolstering the students with technical and soft skills. We have placed students in several reputed organizations like DRDO, NTPC, Indian Railways, and MTS etc making Infowiz Industry PVT. LTD. the best industrial training company in Chandigarh, Mohali, Bathinda, and Delhi.

Over time Infowiz has gained a reputation of delivering esteemed training. We provide 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh and Mohali to six weeks industrial training both depending upon the student’s requirements.

Infowiz provides training to students from various fields involving CSE, IT, MCA, BCA, Civil, Electrical and Electronics, MBA and Mechanical. We also provide specialized training in several technologies like PHP, Java, .NET, Android, Networking, C/C++, Automation, Matlab, VLSI-VHDL, Autocad, 3Ds MAX, Solidworks, CNC Programming, CRE-O, NX-CAD and many more. We also provide training in the latest technologies like Python, AI, Machine Learning and VR along with few other diploma courses.

Infowiz apart from facilitating Industrial training in Chandigarh and Mohali also offers services such as:

  • Web Designing
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Android and IOS app Development

  • benefits Assured Placements.
  • Working on live International Porjects .
  • Increase Knowledge and enhance skills .
  • Personality Development Classes Free of Cost.
  • Up to 30% Discount in Total Fee

One of the important aspect of defining one’s personality is the communication skills he/she possess.Communication is an ‘ART’ and the individual should have ‘HYPNOTISING’ voice So as to indulge the listeners to his conversation.Each and every word should come out straight from the ‘ BOTTOM OF YOUR HEART’ and not just communicating whatever comes to your mind.
As per the survey,a normal Human Being speaks about 600 words per minute out of which only 100-150 words strikes the mind of listeners which are remembered for a long time.So the motive of effective communication is that we have to be very good ‘LISTENER’,Infact 50% of the communication is complete if we are a goof listener.The Essence of communication is to make the audience awakened and tied to their seats especially when a person is addressing a huge gathering.
Our personality is being judged on the basis of how effectively we are able to express our ideas,thoughts and feelings while interacting/communicating with the others.The sound clarity,facial expressions and confidence level are the key factors determing the personality of an individual as an excellent speaker.
If an individual wants to enhance one’s conn. skills,the following factors have to be abide by so as to enthrill the audience with your charming voice.
1. CLARITY OF YOUR THOUGHTS/IDEAS :- Before addressing the audience,person should be very clear as to what he has to deliver to the listeners.Remember each and every word what you want to convey should come straight from the bottom of your heart and strikes directly to the minds/heart of the gathering.
2. HAVE FAITH AND CONFIDENCE ON SELF :- Before you start your communication,be confident about yourself.Don’t feel nervous or stage conscious but have faith on your self that you are going to deliver the goods presentably,accurately and effectively and going to enthrill the audience with your speech.
3. SPEAK CLEAR AND TO THE POINT :- One should possess a CHARMING voice in order to engage the audience. Choose the right word in your communication and not any other language (Abusive /Immoral / Unethical) which might hurt the feelings of the listeners.Each and every word you speak should be clear,understandable and to the point.’ DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH’ but speak to the point so that the audience is not getting bored with your lengthy speech.
4. PAUSE ; VARY YOUR PITCH :- One of the most important and exlampery aspect of effective communication is varying your pitch.Speak swiftly and softly whenever you are addressing small gathering specially in meetings but the same pitch should be on a high note whenever you are addressing huge crowd specially during seminars/speech.Don’t speak too fast or too slow as it will reflect your nervousness and lack of confidence.
5. ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE :- Another important aspect of effective communication is to engage the audience in your stride. The quality of your speech should be effective and presentable that the audience is, ‘SPELL BOUND’ by your presentation. For this Questions can be asked from the gathering related to that particular topic,using some TIT-BITS during your speech will make it more attractive but remember the feelings of listeners is not hurt rather the audience is BOUND to listen to you.
6. CHOOSE THE LANGUAGE WHICH IS UNDERSTOOD BY THE MASSES :- During your communication while addressing the gathering choose any language you are comfortable with and easily understood by the crowd.Don’t mix EHP in your speech as it will reflect that you are short of words and creates a bad picture among the listener.
Remember,you are an excellent speaker, a great motivator,self-reliant,confident personality who is going to enthrill the audience with your effective communicative ability.One should not become ‘A LAUGHING STOCK’ infront of audience. But if one abide by the above fundamentals of effective communication, undoubtedly you will emerge as winner of millions of hearts in every sphere of your life.


Software Development Services

We offer custom software development and consulting services to help you pull off your next project with less stress and less cost.

My name is jyoti Rani. Basically am from Siri Muktsar Sahib.And i am here for doing 6 months industrial training in php language from Infowiz Industry PVT. LTD. in Chandigarh. Firstly i am very thankful to Infowiz faculty who provides me each & every facilities during my training .Faculty members are very co-operative and intelligent. So am once again very thankful to Infowiz Faculty .
Thank you. - jyoti Rani
Im doing my 6 months training in .NET technology at INFOWIZ, sec34 chd , It’s been approximately two and and a half months,that Iam attending my training hosted by Ms. Gunjan . The lectures delivered are up to the technical requirements by our respected teacher and She is very hardworking . The guidance is also provided to students for their recruitment and growth.
-Harwinder Singh Sekhawat
I am doing my 6 months training in .NET technology at INFOWIZ, Sec34 chd , It’s been approximately two and a half months,that I am attending my training hosted by Ms. Gunjan . The lectures delivered are up to the technical requirements by our respected teacher and She is very hardworking . The guidance is also provided to students for their recruitment and growth.
- Vikas Sharma

I am doing six month industrial training in php language from Infowiz software solution in chandigrh.This company is providing me the good knowledge of php language.Faculty members are very cooperative and intelligent.They help us for the best knowledge.

- Student

I Am Doing six months of Industrial Training in PHP Language from INFOWIZ Software solution Company in Chandigarh. I believe that I made the right decision by choosing INFOWIZ company. This company is providing me everything which i need for my training in php language like Computer, Internet, Project help etc. Faculty members are very helping and very friendly. They guided me in every way they could. If i have some problem and i am not able to attend my class then they provided me extra classes through which i can covered my syllabus.


Studying experience in INFOWIZ is good, learned a lot under the guidance of Mr. Ankur. He use to explain each and every thing about Java in detail and is very helpful in learning new things about Java, enjoyed the atmosphere in class. As a teacher Mr. Ankur is the best……

- Karan Rao

My name is Robanpreet Singh. I’m pursuing my 6 month training in php at infowiz a software solution sec-34A chandigarh. It’s been approximately 4 and half months, that I am attending my training hosted by Mr. Kamal garg. Faculty members are very cooperative and intelligent. They helps us for the best knowledge. RobanPreet Singh

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