Tyre retreading is a new technology, where the old tyres are made serviceable by removing worn out and damaged treads and replacing it with new treads. New treads are available in the market in form of rolls and inbred if, in can be put on old tyre and cured with the help of steam. Similar to the new tyres, the treated tyres can be very well used on all vehicles, irrespective of light or heavy vehicles. With a safe and new technology, which is being adopted now a days, it will be more easy and economical to produce tyres. Retreading of damaged tyre is done by conventional hot matrix curing in most cases. But recently a new technology has been developed called “Pre-cured Tread Rubber Retreading Process” which is commonly known as “Cold Process Retreading”. In this process, the pre-cured tread rubber already has a tread pattern on it eliminating the need for a tread matrix at vulcanizing stage. Tread Rubber is pre-cured along with other raw materials and manufactured in the factory under controlled conditions and given a well researched pattern ensuring that the transporter gets a reliable perfectly finish product. Retreading tyre by pre-cured method gives 50% more mileage than the tyre retreaded by conventional process.

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